Pinterest Marketing for Those Who Still Don't Get It
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferFebruary 05, 2020
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Pinterest Marketing for Those Who Still Don't Get It

I have published 3 other episodes about Pinterest marketing, but because Pinterest continues to deliver results for me, I wanted to share you with my latest thoughts on the platform for those that have yet to take Pinterest seriously. Pinterest is a very different social network, but for those business and influencers that are content creators, Pinterest just might be the gold mine you have been searching for in social media. 

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Key Highlights

[02:08] Why Pinterest Is A Very Special Place In Social Media

[04:14] Why Choose Pinterest?

[06:06] DM Me Vs Swipe Up

[07:00] Pinterest Statistics

[08:32] Why Pinterest Is Great For B2C E-commerce

[11:03] Pinterest Vs Other Social Platforms In Terms Of Traffic

[12:05] What Are Rich Pins?

[12:28] Maximizing Pinterest Search Tool

[13:40] What Type Of Content Works On Pinterest?

[16:13] The Concept Of Content Buckets

[17:17] How Pinterest Board Works

[19:59] The Recommended Pin Size

[20:50] Be Consistent In Pinterest

[21:09] Curating Content

[22:39] Best Tool For Pinterest

[23:32] Pinterest Smart Queue Functionality

[25:58] Summary

Notable Quotes

  • Every social network is very different.
  • I think that if you haven't been on Pinterest as a discovery engine, this is where you need to start, create an account, create a business account. And there's there are reasons to have a business account. But the first thing is, it gets your account verified. And you get access to something called Rich pins, which is sort of structured markup on your site. 
  • I do believe that your name is your best brand. It stays with you forever. And as an influencer, it may be more memorable than something generic debatable as to what influences what to do if they want to have a brand. 
  •  If you want to be successful on Pinterest, you need to be looking at what's working. And you're going to find a few things.
  •  You don't have to put all your content there. But you need to have content. More importantly, you need content because every pin is a bookmark.
  • That is the simplest thing you can do when you pin it, you want to make sure the title the description, actually match the board, which matches your description. And you ideally want to do this a few times a day.
  • Pinterest can be extremely powerful whether you want to reach out to influencers that are already generating a lot of traffic that might be able to generate traffic for your brand. Or if you're an influencer brands always want to see not just the likes and the comments, but they want to see the actual clicks. And Pinterest I think is a great supplement for any lifestyle influencer really any influencer out there. 

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