My New Video Workshop: Content Marketing for Social

My New Video Workshop: Content Marketing for Social

This week on the podcast, Neal is sharing a new project with you. In his social media consulting business, he gets very broad and occasionally vague requests all the time, and there’s just no way he can help every person that reaches out. So Neal has decided to repackage the content he creates for trainings and make it available to more people. The first version of this is a 9-day online video workshop, complete with videos, worksheets, and a forum where you can chat with Neal. In this week’s episode you can learn more about why he’s starting this project, what this first version will be all about, and how you can join the party.

Key Highlights

[02:58] Role of Social Media

[03:36] Questions You Need to Answer If You Want to Reach Foreign Audience

[04:41] Always Have A Process In Place

[05:18] The Social Media Center of Excellence

[06:45] Understanding the Role of Content in Social Media

[07:03] Content is the Game Changer

[07:28] Different Types of Content

[08:32] The Importance of Visual Content

[09:00] The Role of Content Curation

[09:32] Tools to Trade

[09:57] Choosing the Social Network to Invest Your Time In

[10:08] Paid Social

[11:25] Social Media Is More Than Answering Questions

Notable Quotes

  • Because at the end of it, and I hate to repeat myself, but social media replaces nothing complements everything. Without social media in the equation. How are you getting leads? How are you promoting your business? Do you even sell to foreign markets? 
  • And what I've learned over time, is that you need to have a process in place in order to test and measure and optimize what you do.
  • I do want to go through the methodology because I think it can really help you. And it really begins with understanding the role of content in social media, I talk about the convergence of information and communication.
  • Content is the game changer is the way that companies can level the playing field by offering unique, resourceful educational with entertainment value content. And that's why whenever we talk about what you're going to do on social media, whether it's that company looking to do outreach, or what have you, it's going to come down to the content, the content that they share the content that they use to engage in conversations.
  • So you really got to decide what is going to be the easiest for you what makes the most sense for your product, and go through on that. And then we get to how we actually once we've decided on the different types of content, how to create content that's going to drive our social media program forward.
  • It needs to be developed in a way that understands that social media was made for people, not for businesses. And businesses need to understand that and create compelling content that will be engaging in social media. Otherwise, your messages just look like spam to the average social media user, right.
  • You need to pick the right tools of the trade that are going to help you not only in creating better content, but also in managing your social media and measuring your social media more effectively. 

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