Making the Instagram Transition from Personal to Business
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferOctober 24, 2014
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Making the Instagram Transition from Personal to Business

As Instagram continues to gain in popularity, many haven't started to leverage the opportunities that Instagram provides businesses. Neal introduces his own story of the why and how he is transitioning to use Instagram as a more integral part of his social media marketing - and why you should as well.

Key Highlights

[01:35] The Rise of Visual Social Media Marketing

[02:19] Where Does Instagram Fall?

[03:19] Brands That Do Well On Instagram

[04:31] How To Use Instagram?

[06:32] My Issues With People Who Are Just Posting Quotes All the Time

[07:54] Authenticity in Instagram

[09:22] Tools for Utilizing Instagram

[11:38] Social Media Productivity

[12:38] Taking the Step Above Beyond Brand Awareness

[14:03] Retain Authenticity with Instagram

Notable Quotes

  • With the ability to photo tag, I immediately thought of Instagram as really, if you're a brick and mortar that might be the second best place you want to be after Facebook.
  • I'm all about trying to contribute original value to social media. 
  • So you know, there's a part of it, which is authenticity, that it is something about you and it is irrelevant to your brand. And curating third party content for any social network is one strategy.
  • But one thing I was looking for is we have all these social media dashboards come out, why can't they handle Instagram?
  • So once you have a tool like that, and you begin to consider Instagram more strategic, because there are so many eyeballs on it, you want to maintain a daily basis of engaging with others, not just commenting and liking on, you know, friends, your network, but also being able to post more often.
  • ut I will say that, you know, for brand awareness, Instagram is extremely important right now. And with the tools, we have the opportunity to take it to the next level.
  •  And I would say to try to avoid that at all costs, if you could, I really do think that it's important to retain the authenticity with Instagram. And I think it's gonna allow you to have a deeper connection with other people. And at the end of the day, it's gonna help you be more effective with your social media marketing. 
  • I think most people and you know there's a lot of savvy social media marketers that may have already been doing this for the past several months. But I think that you know the notion of scheduling unless you're a brand that's been doing a lot on Instagram. I think it's still relatively new to a lot of marketers and a lot of small businesses and I hope that this gives you the knowledge the inspiration Have the courage to go out there and do it yourself and not miss out on the potential there. 

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