LinkedIn Updates for 2023 You Need to Know
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferAugust 18, 2023
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LinkedIn Updates for 2023 You Need to Know

What do you do after you publish 2 books on LinkedIn but would rather work on new content rather than revise the older books?

You offer a free update on LinkedIn best practices.

With that thought, my free ebook, Maximizing LinkedIn for Business, was born.

Now in its 4th edition, which I am announcing with this podcast episode, this is a 55-page PDF chock full of recommendations and best practices that has become a labor of love to revise annually to make sure it is even more up-to-date than a published book, which aren't as frequently updated.

This year I decided to focus on creating two new chapters:

1️⃣ The Art of LinkedIn Content - helping you understand and create the new types of content that appear to get the most visibility in the LinkedIn feed

2️⃣ How to Leverage A.I. Specifically for LinkedIn - introducing the tools and processes that I use to inspire you to do more on LinkedIn

If you were curious the chapter I removed to make way for the new chapters is:

LinkedIn Automation: I included it because I know a lot of people to continue to use it, but I have also seen many people end up in LinkedIn Jail as a result. Why not spend the time in content creation and actually engaging with others and developing real relationships?

Download the ebook here:

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