LinkedIn for Sales and Social Selling: It All Comes Down to Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn for Sales and Social Selling: It All Comes Down to Your LinkedIn Profile

If you're on LinkedIn for sales, business development, or marketing, you need to realize that everything you do on LinkedIn leads back to your profile. Here's advice on how to improve upon it.

Key Highlights

[01:02] How To Better Leverage LinkedIn for Business?

[01:39] The Second Demographic

[02:41] LinkedIn Demographics

[03:18] Think About What Social Media Can Do for You

[03:59] It All Comes Down to Your LinkedIn Profile

[05:43] Why It Is Critical to Put Time and Effort In Your Profile

[06:55] Put A Professional, Well-Branded Headline

[07:32] Expose Your Personal Brand In Your Profile

[08:31] What to Put In Your Profile Summary

[10:36] Data Points that Show the Power of LinkedIn

Notable Quotes

  • But from a b2b sales perspective, you haven't figured out how best to align it with everything else you're doing to help you find new clients or better engage with your current clients.
  • It's not everybody. And therefore, when you think of using LinkedIn as a sales tool, you have to understand that you're not going to get access to everybody, right? It is one more tool in your toolbox. 
  • How did you get leads up until now? How did you close business up until now, if it's still effective, keep doing it. If it's not as effective as it used to be, think about what social media can do for you. And if you're already on LinkedIn and see the value, and you just want to see how to apply that value towards b2b sales. 
  • But the point I wanted to bring up today is if you want to use LinkedIn as a serious tool to help you get business now, whether it's for b2b sales, if you think of yourself as a salesperson, or maybe you're in the marketing department, or you think yourself as a marketer, and you want to get more inbound marketing leads from LinkedIn, or you want to do better that whatever you do on LinkedIn, you're more successful on LinkedIn to generate new business. It really comes down to your profile.
  • It is your homepage on LinkedIn, because anything you do on LinkedIn, whether you're posting a status update, whether you're asking For an introduction, you're sending an InMail, you're in a group, you're looking at LinkedIn news, or you're posting a comment on a LinkedIn company update, it all comes down to your name, we're whatever you do on LinkedIn, whatever engagement you do is think back to your profile.
  •  LinkedIn is where the business decision makers are, I recommend you don't get cheesy, because I don't think those people look down favorably on cheesy things that don't want to be sold to in a professional headline.
  •  So you want to put down a professional headline that is well branded, that will get the right targeted people wanting to click through wanting to say, hey, I want to know more about this person, I want to get to know this person, don't try to make a sale, through your professional headline.

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