LinkedIn Ads: A Comprehensive Look (AJ Wilcox Interview)
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferFebruary 11, 2020
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LinkedIn Ads: A Comprehensive Look (AJ Wilcox Interview)

Everybody talks about Facebook and Instagram Ads, but what about LinkedIn Ads? If you are targeting a lucrative demographic or are a B2B company, LinkedIn should be one of the focus points of your marketing. Join me in this interview with one of the world's foremost experts on LinkedIn Ads, AJ Wilcox, as he teaches you all of the different options you have and how to make the most of them for effective advertising on LinkedIn.

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Key Highlights

[00:38] Introduction of Podcast Guest, Aj Wilcox

[03:07] How AJ Started Doing LinkedIn Ads

[05:15] Aj's Advice For Beginners

[09:37] The Ideal Threshold For Impressions

[10:32] The Concept of Lifetime Batting Average With LinkedIn Ads

[12:31] Unique LinkedIn Ads Features

[14:33] Different LinkedIn Ad Products

[17:13] What Is A Sponsored Content?

[17:52] Lead Gen Form VS AV Testing

[20:07] LinkedIn Ads Best Practices

[23:31] The Visual Aspect Of LinkedIn Ads

[25:40] Connect With Aj

[26:37] Final Thoughts

Notable Quotes

  • If you're going to be paying that much for traffic, it means you've got to make sure that your funnel is pretty tight, your sales processes are good, and you know how to follow up with them. And you have a high enough lifetime value after a deal closes, that you can basically pay for those expensive clicks along the way.
  • Build that strong history into your campaigns, don't just run one campaign for a month, and pause it and then start a new one, because you won't be building up history that will work in your favor in the future.
  • If your goal is to, is to generate conversations with highly valuable people, send them to a landing page where you're going to make the strongest impression and get to know them. But if all you want is to get as many email addresses as possible from a target market, so that they can go into your database and be nurtured then lead gen forms make a lot of sense.
  • My recommendation is to target pretty tightly, you're going to be paying a lot of money for these clicks. So definitely make sure it's exactly the right people that you would want in your funnel in your sales process.
  • Be really smart about how you're tiptoeing into the platform, don't take Lincoln's recommended bids, don't don't leave the box checked for audience expansion, what you want to do flip to maximum cost per click bidding, and bid low and just see what happens.
  • When you're on LinkedIn, you have a mission in mind, you are going to do something. And so if you do the thing that you do on Facebook, which is like, all right, big, long posts and tell a story, that stuff just does not work on LinkedIn, you need to be really short and concise. So for that textual component, make sure you get right to the point, you're telling someone, this is what you need.

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