It's Time to Ctrl-Alt-Delete How You View LinkedIn
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferAugust 26, 2014
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It's Time to Ctrl-Alt-Delete How You View LinkedIn

LinkedIn is not about the connections but the engagements and relationships you can build with other professionals and businesses. This episode will change your perspective on LinkedIn for the better.

Key Highlights

[01:48] Engaging on LinkedIn Differently

[02:31] What to Do When LinkedIn Permanently Restricts You?

[03:23] You Don't Need to Have As Many Connections As I Do

[04:17] How LinkedIn Restrictions Happen

[05:06] My Own Epiphany on LinkedIn

[05:48] I Am Not Appearing in LinkedIn Search Results

[07:08] What Happens When You Start A Conversation in A LinkedIn Group

[07:31] LinkedIn Is the Best Place to Engage

[08:44] Publishing Platform on LinkedIn

Notable Quotes

  • Now the short answer to what I said, I said, LinkedIn is always changing the rules, right. And that's social media is always changing. Every single platform is always changing the way that they do business. 
  • But still, you know, everybody should have a robust network, multiplayer age by 10. That's the number of LinkedIn connections you should have. That's the number of new people you should be meeting on the annual basis that you can add to your LinkedIn network. And it really gives you more visibility other people, you become more visible to other people.
  • My own epiphany when it when it comes to LinkedIn is, you know, what sort of value are you trying to derive out of the network. If you think of adding a connection as putting someone in your marketing funnel, then you obviously have it all wrong.
  • You know, LinkedIn is where the professionals are, it's about making relationships, connections. And people do business with people that they know, like, and trust. So just the art of connecting have always said was just establishing a virtual connection in a database, right, a virtual data point, for lack of a better word.
  • And what happens when you start a conversation in a LinkedIn group is that often leads to a connection. And when you connect with someone, where you've you looked at their background, you have a common affinity, a common interest, because you're in the same LinkedIn group, that connection is obviously going to be extremely valuable.
  • But if you're looking to build up a network of like minded people, of peers that you can call upon in the future, or bounce ideas off of which I think LinkedIn is really all about, you need to be engaging.
  • And if it's gonna take a little bit more time than just, you know, uploading a database, or, you know, clicking one to one on profiles, but I think it's gonna allow you to more authentically, and increase the quality of those connections that you make on LinkedIn, so that when you want to ask for an introduction, they'll actually do it for you, because you already have rapport with them.
  • But I would rather have you authentically engage with those people that you want to be affiliated with. And you want to have them as part of your network, because you can establish that relationship with them. 

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