Is it Time for You (and Your Business) to Unplug from Social Media?

Is it Time for You (and Your Business) to Unplug from Social Media?

A look at why unplugging from social media is a critical component to a social media strategy as well important to understanding the ROI of social from a business and personal perspective.

 Key Highlights

[00:43] The Personal Side of Social Media

[03:50] Why Social Media is an Ever-Changing Landscape

[06:21] Social Media Should Not Be a Burden

[08:31] Make Every Post Count

[09:04] You Don't Need to Be On All Platforms.

Notable Quotes

  • But the important thing is, and as I come back from Japan, I see the increased use of these social networks that were designed primarily for people to communicate, often talk about social media being the convergence of information and communication, right.
  • The important thing is, the more people spend in these messaging apps, and they bring social media back into the personal realm, the less they're spending on social media platforms.
  • This is why social media is an ever changing landscape. And you really need to be monitoring things and adopting your social media strategy on a regular basis.
  • And I really feel good about doing it, it was almost this burden that I felt that I had to do something. And that's what social media should not be about whether it's for people for businesses, right.
  • This is something that people should not be doing. It's something that businesses should not be doing, especially when you don't see the ROI. And when you do see the ROI, you're obviously going to put in a more concerted personal well, as human as a brand can get effort into reaping the benefits of engagement on that platform, right.
  • It's important for businesses also to realize, you know, this may be the day where we need to unplug or extremely lessens our presence in the platform because the ROI is not there. But we see the ROI on another platform.
  • Really think about, you know why you're on social media, and businesses should be thinking the same thing. But if you're not seeing the ROI from network, unplug from it. 

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