Introducing Oktopost: The B2B Social Media Marketing Management Tool
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferApril 13, 2015
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Introducing Oktopost: The B2B Social Media Marketing Management Tool

This week Neal Schaffer introduces you to Oktopost and the man behind it, CEO and Founder Daniel Kushner. Oktopost is another great social media management tool that specializes in B2B services, tracking relationships and helping you target your marketing. They’ll soon be launching an employee advocacy program as well, helping companies simplify the advocacy process. Learn more about Oktopost, and where Daniel sees social media being used in the sales process in this week’s episode.

Key Highlights

[00:41] Introduction to Podcast Guest, Daniel Kushner

[01:26] Difference Between B2bB, Social Media and Consumer-Facing Social Media

[03:03] Top 5 Things That B2B, and Social Media Marketers Should be Measuring

[05:28] The Problem With Attribution

[07:11] The Different Integrations Oktopost Currently Supports

[10:01] Daniel's Experience with Marketing Automation from their Customers

[11:43] Case Studies

[12:25] Daniel's Vision on the Market for the Next 6-1 Months and on their Product

[16:31] Final Thoughts

Notable Quotes

  • In every company, the lead is something which is, is different. And maybe it's the same name, but every company has a different meaning of that name, right? The most basic is somebody leaving their information in the system, at minimum, the email, and that becomes a lead.
  • Where do we get this lead from? I think one of these metrics is one of the hardest today for marketers to measure. Because it's a very vague question, where are my leads coming from?
  • So it's very hard for the marketer exactly understand where the leads are coming from, although it's one of the most critical things that we need to measure, especially because it's not all linear. It's not all a single point of contact. 
  • I think we, if you're looking at the marketing funnel, social media is used in two places. One, it's used for traffic generation. So to the very top of the funnel, we might say that the first touch point, and it's also used in the middle of the funnel to engage with prospects and into an even customers to push them through the funnel itself.
  • As a marketer, you can now see which social content is now not only generating traffic to third party websites, like Wall Street Journal, in this case, but also ending up as, as good lead generators on your website.
  • We definitely very strongly recommend that even if you're using a platform like OB supposed to run your advocacy, that you find somebody who can help you run the program, if it's not something that you have the knowledge and expertise in house, because doing it right, because, you know, when you're testing tools, and you know, marketers, they're like testing new technology and testing things out. And if things fail, that's okay marketing, but we're we're we're taking our technology and our new ways of doing things and expanding this across different employees, they might be less tolerant to things going wrong, and things are working smoothly. So creating a very vigorous and thought out program is not less important than just picking the right technology.

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