I'm On Clubhouse. Now What?
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferFebruary 10, 2021
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I'm On Clubhouse. Now What?

New to Clubhouse? Trying to figure out how to get started and exactly what to do now that you have received that invite and joined the newest rage in social media?

Continuing on from my introduction to Clubhouse on episode 196, this episode will provide you with detailed hand-holding to help you navigate around the app and create a focused strategy that will help you Maximize Your Social Influence, even on Clubhouse.

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Key Highlights

[00:40] Introduction

[03:46] The Basics of Clubhouse

[04:35] Clubhouse Number of Users

[07:05] How Can I Download and Get Into Clubhouse?
Where can I download the app and how can I create a profile to get into it?

[09:53] How Clubhouse Works

[11:02] Who Should I Follow on Clubhouse?
Is Clubhouse the same as other social media networks where I should just follow random people?

[12:28] The Notion of Follower-Following Ratio

[13:52] Other Aspects of Clubhouse

[15:21] What is a Club?

[15:55] How to Find People and Clubs in My Niche

[17:43] Accessing Your Clubhouse Profile
Learning more about the app's user interface.

[19:00] How to Go into Settings

[19:49] What is Clubhouse Frequency?

[20:40] Trending Rooms

[22:04] Cool Things About Clubhouse

[22:58] What is the "Upcoming For You" Feature?

[24:13] The Activity Feature

[25:20] How to Add People to Rooms and Ping Them

[26:03] How Can I Start My Own Room?

[27:17] The Viral Nature of Clubhouse

[34:51] Summary

Notable Quotes

  • So I recommend that you start small and here's the thing, like any other network, the earlier you get on and the more active you are, the more followers you will organically get over time.
  • Keep your followers small. And remember, follow those that you either know, or that you want to learn from.
  • You'll probably want to start following people and clubs based on your professional objective.
  • You'll want to make sure that everything you want people to find out about you and all those keywords that you want to be found for obviously are in your profile.
  • I would tend to want to invite more influential people than less influential people and people that would really appreciate it.
  • I found clubhouse is a great way to get back in touch with old friends that we haven't talked to especially because of Coronavirus.
  • The more active you are, the more followers, the more people that join your rooms, the more that this just gets spread.
  • So we're always in the give first mode. And when we give information, naturally, it's going to attract customers.
  • I highly recommend once you get your confidence to raise your hand and be as active as possible.

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