If I Was Your CMO: Where to Invest in Digital and Social Media Marketing in 2021
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferJanuary 07, 2021
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If I Was Your CMO: Where to Invest in Digital and Social Media Marketing in 2021

What are my predictions for 2021? Instead of trying to predict the future, which I don't think anyone can do accurately, I'd like to offer you my advice as your virtual CMO. Focusing on those key areas that I am focusing on in writing my next book, here is where I would invest my marketing budget across Search, Email, and Social to help you reach your business goals and improve the digital and social media marketing for your organization or brand.

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Key Highlights

[03:39] Evolution of Social Media

[05:28] Why You Need to Have Digital Presence

[07:29] The Digital Gateway

[08:20] Three Main Ways In Which You Touch People

[09:04] What Is Library of Content?

[10:04] The Importance of Keywords

[11:23] The Role of Backlinks

[14:29] Optimizing Your Paid Campaigns

[17:26] 4 Main Types of Content

[20:12] Why Email Marketing Is Still Effective

[22:09] The Aspect of Customer Education

[24:19] Final Part: Social

[25:23] Why You Need An Employee Influencer Program

[27:12] Leveraging User Generated Content

[28:31] Should I Go With Paid Social?

[31:47] Summary

Notable Quotes

  • Do searches for keywords that are important to your company, and start to create lists, look at the keywords that are relevant to your company. Look at the search volumes, look at the Keyword Difficulty which sem rush and many others provide you. And then look at search intent, create a list, and then fill in the gaps. 
  • If you have a lead magnet, that's where this type of content would come into play as a reason for them to provide their email address. This is where you can now begin to develop a relationship. It's all about like no one trust, beginning with your website, your digital discovery. 
  • Email gives us the ability to really architect a series of messages, a type of engagement over a period of time, that will increase the chances of us being able to build, like knowing trust. Email is the area where you do not need to invest a lot of people, you need to have the right tool, and you need to architect the right marketing, automation, messages, and sequences.
  • You need to be continually building that list, continually communicating with current customers and prospects. And to do so, you're probably over time going to be creating more and more lead magnets
  • Every company should have an influence a program that includes your employees, that includes your partners, that includes your customers, your fans, it should be all-inclusive, that anybody who loves your brand, can play a role can share in the experience.

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