How to Use Podcasting to Expand Your Reach and Land New Customers [Robert Loewenthal Interview]
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferNovember 25, 2020
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How to Use Podcasting to Expand Your Reach and Land New Customers [Robert Loewenthal Interview]

A lot of businesses don't realize that, like blogs, podcasts are not just a personal content medium but can also be used by businesses. To explain the various benefits of podcasting for businesses, I am joined by Robert Loewenthal, Founder and CEO of Whooshkaa, Australia's leading podcast hosting solution who have been successfully expanding globally as we speak.

Robert will help enlighten you on:

- How some companies are using targeted podcasts as part of their outbound sales and marketing.
- What is a branded podcast?
- How can podcasts help bridge the communication gap during covid?

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Key Highlights

[02:52] Introduction of Podcast Guest, Robert Loewenthal

[05:11] Who is Robert and Whooshkaa?

[06:45] How Robert Come Up with the Name Whooshka

[11:49] Using Podcast As Part of Outbound Sales and Marketing

[15:52] How Podcasting Work Traditionally

[17:16] Private Podcast

[20:07] Is It Easier to Create Audio Content Than Video Content?

[22:09] What Are Branded Podcasts?

[23:44] An Example of Creative Storytelling from A Brand

[24:54] Ways of Leveraging Podcast

[26:38] Podcast AS A Tool of Bridging Communication Gap

[27:30] Why Internal Communication Strategy Is Important

[31:00] The Supply and Demand of Podcasting

[32:48] Additional Podcast Statistics

[34:21] Connect with Rob and Whooshkaa

[35:13] Final Thoughts

Notable Quotes

  • You've got a one-on-one relationship with a potential prospect. And you're positioning yourself as a subject matter expert, and they're listening to you.
  • Podcast can also be just a purely means for communication.
  • The trick with good branded content is actually just telling a great story, and making sure the listeners know that you're associated with it, so that they walk away thinking, that's a forward-thinking brand.
  • An advantage of audio is its mobility.
  • But audio once again, use it as a strategy to complement those other messages and get your message out there.
  • As a CEO, you've got to be thick and deep in the weeds when it comes to product and marketing. So you've got to keep showing up every day.
  • It doesn't hurt to make your content work harder, and have an audio strategy. There are two recommendations. Obviously, they're very self serving. But we see clients all the time customers podcast is doing this successfully. And it's not just a fad. This is a definite trend that will continue for the next 1020 years.
  • Once you feel like you have your library of content on your website, that's where you want to look to expand, and maybe just maybe podcast, he may be right for you, or for your business.

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