How to Strategically Create Your Library of Content in One Year

How to Strategically Create Your Library of Content in One Year

Instead of always trying to figure out what to write your next blog post on or wonder why you aren't ranking for strategic keywords, take my advice and learn how to plan out and build one year's worth of blog content which will become your strategic library of content.

This content will not only help you rank higher for SEO but also give you a social "voice" and allow you to engage with both prospects and clients in social media as well as your email subscribers.

I will show you the exact steps I have taken to outrank formidable competitors in building my own Library of Content in this episode.

Key Highlights:

[02:07] Library of content
How can I strategically create a library of content in one year?

[7:22] How Am I Going to Get Discovered on Google?

[09:46] Targeting Relevant Keywords
The library of content starts with understanding what are the relevant keywords to target

[12:24] Importance of Curating the Right Keywords

[13:33] Creating a Content Schedule

[15:12] What is Search Intent?

[17:19] Planning Out Library Content in Terms of Keywords
I have planned out my library content, now, how do I implement it?

[18:01] Leveraging Artificial Intelligence to Rank

[22:08] Calculate Your Content Marketing
How do I calculate my ROI? How do I track my social engagement of the blog posts I published?

[23:07] Search Visibility

[25:42] E.A.T Methodology
How does EAT Methodology help get you a higher ranking on search engines?

Notable Quotes:

  • If you have the best product in the market, if you have the smartest service, the least expensive, sir, I don't care what it is, you're out there you have a business because you provide something valuable if there are keywords related to your business that you need to be found for you should be found for. And if you don't attack this strategically, you're never going to be found for it, or you're going to be paying a lot for advertising in order to be found for it. 
  • It takes time to build authority.
  • Not every keyword is relevant.
  • Think of it this way, you only need to curate those keywords that will lead potential customers to you.
  • It's really all about serving search engines what they want to see if this is what they think values the reader, they'll want to serve the same thing that you have, you do not want to republish though, it's got to be original content.
  • When you build authority in one subject, it does raise all of your boats in other subjects. 

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