How to Skyrocket Your Qualified Organic Traffic [Farzad Rashidi Interview]

How to Skyrocket Your Qualified Organic Traffic [Farzad Rashidi Interview]

For many businesses, their primary source of digital influence doesn't necessarily come from their social media presence but from their website. How to increase the digital influence of your website in the eyes of Google and generate more qualified organic traffic leading to more business through "free" advertising is what every business owner wants.

Today I interview Farzad Rashidi, co-founder of Respona, who is going to give his advice on how to exactly do that. Some of the topics we discussed include:

  • Organic traffic 101: Why it's important for hockey-stick level growth
  • How to properly research and create quality content and landing pages
  • How to get your content ranked for your target keywords

Key Highlights

[10:13] Introduction of Podcast Guest, Farzad Rashidi
[12:11] Farzad's Views On Organic Traffic and Growth And Why It's Important
[20:38] What You Should Be Doing To Promote Your Content On The Internet
[22:49] Farzad's Advice About Creating Quality Content
[23:50] Opportunity Score
[27:26] Reverse Skyscraper Technique
[29:44] Two Other Campaigns Farzad Do For Blog Posts
[35:31] The Process After Blog Post Gets Published
[36:17] Things That Bloggers Don't Take Into Account
[39:08] Connect With Farzad

Notable Quotes

  • It's all pieces of the puzzle. You need to have your keyword research, finding opportunities, and writing content that people are actually looking for, and it's somewhat relevant to what you do. And you write a very high-quality piece of content, and put it on your website, promote on social, send it to your newsletter, do all that good stuff, but to actually set it up on a kind of evergreen type of machine that keeps bringing traffic to our site and to that specific blog post, what we call an 80/20 rule.
  • I always talk about how this isn't about a campaign. It's a commitment. And influencer marketing is the same. It's not about a campaign, but it is something that you do as part of your normal process. It's a line item in your marketing.
  • All of that trickles down to getting quality backlinks for individual blog posts. That's what a lot of bloggers actually don't take into account that even though you have a high domain authority, or domain rating, what really determines the success or basically the failure of your of your content is actually your page authority.
  • If you don't have a process, you don't know anything.
  • What I'm trying to say is that you don't need to have a large team to actually get started. You can start small and scale from there.

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