How to Scale Influence through Community (and Why I am Launching One)
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferMarch 04, 2021
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How to Scale Influence through Community (and Why I am Launching One)

Whether you are a brand or a person, the ultimate sign that you have influence is when people are singing your praises when you are not in the room, whether online in social media or offline.

What if you can bring all of your fans together in an environment so that they can talk about you while also getting direct access to you or your brand?

This is what brands are doing by investing in Facebook Groups for their customers, and in doing so, they are investing in a community that can scale their influence.

Many digital entrepreneurs are doing the same for their customers of their digital programs.

I have decided that the next step to scale my own influence is in the creation of such a community. Listen in for my thoughts and plans for my new Group Coaching Membership Community, Digital First - and learn how you can become one of my founding members!

Key Highlights

[02:59] My Journey to Scaling Through Community

[03:59] The Story Behind My First and Second Book

[06:08] How Being A Consumer Yourself Helps You Understand Your Purpose

[08:52] How Content Creators Build Their Influence?

[10:02] How Does Community Help You Scale?

[11:53] The Story Of How I Developed My First B2C Product

[13:08] What Communities Can Do

[14:36] Digital Economy

[16:35] My First Digital Membership Community

[18:17] How Will My Membership Community Provide Value to the Members?

[19:31] What The Community Will Be

[20:24] How to Join the Community

Notable Quotes

  • Any type of content creation online, on an edge over time, builds influence. But somewhere along the line, you don't build influence over anyone and everyone you build influence over a specific community.
  • For one to excel at social media marketing, one needs to be an active consumer of social media first.
  • What I've realized over the years is that those content creators that do have their own courses, actually build influence for the fact that they have a course.
  • And that's how the community helps you scale, you have a lot of newbies coming in, they don't know if they should buy the tool or not. Or maybe they're on the free trial, they join the community, they see everybody else talking about what they do with the tool, how great it is. And they end up buying it right.
  • That's exactly what I see communities can do, they can make it bigger than you. Because everybody talks about you.
  • There's an economy of people that consume digital products out there that I was not part of that I did not know anything about. yet. It was huge, right? And that's what fuels all these new programs that we see out there, these new courses. And that's why there are people generating seven figures from this, right?
  • The whole idea was that big enterprises have these centers of excellence that they can tap into for guidance on anything social media, or anything digital marketing.
  • So read on blog posts, take all the courses book come to the community to get that applied answer to what you are looking for, to drive your business forward, get to the next stage, grow your business through innovative marketing. 

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