How to Refine Your Visual Voice and Engage on Instagram
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferJuly 31, 2015
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How to Refine Your Visual Voice and Engage on Instagram

Neal has been in Japan these last few weeks, and he’s been thinking a lot about the power of mobile. This week Neal is talking about the social network that you can only engage in from mobile: Instagram. It’s important for businesses to find their visual voice and be original and organic on this platform. The beautiful thing about Instagram is it’s power to connect with people. So remember, don’t go for the hard sale on Instagram - instead, focus on personality, engagement, and authenticity.

Key Highlights

[00:53] My Thoughts on Instagram

[03:47] Every Company Needs A Visual Voice

[05:50] A Case Study of A Company Doing Well With Visual

[08:57] Why Your Visuals Should Be Connected to Your Brand

[09:11] Quote Images

[12:04] Posting Event Images on Instagram

[13:47] Videos As Part of Visual Voice

[15:27] Popular Tactics

Notable Quotes

  • So as I like to say, whenever I speak, every company needs a visual voice. And that visual voice is is the visuals that are going to represent you in Facebook, Twitter, and obviously, you know, any social network, but on Instagram and on sites like Pinterest, they're going to become your primary source of visual. 
  • And as I like to say, social media was made for people, not for businesses, so as a business, you're always going to be at a disadvantage. Therefore, the more organic you can become with your visual voice, I believe, the more effective the more successful you will be.
  • If you have visual content, I don't think it's a challenge. The challenge is, for those that do not have a visual aspect to their product. And this is where you really need to think about how you're going to represent your brand on Instagram. 
  • It was because we had to post things that catch people's eyes, in order to grab their attention, get engagement and increase edge, and it was a tactical tool. You don't need those tactical tools on Instagram. 
  • So, yes, they are eye catching, those beautiful visuals are eye catching the quote, images are eye catching. But are they true to your brand? Right? Is there a more effective way of saying the same thing with a different image with a small number of words, and with more in the description that truly differentiates your brand from the others, because if not, your quotes are going to be lost in the sea of quotes are out there. 
  • A lot of people, a lot of businesses want to be on every social network. But does it make sense to be on every social network?
  •  Get people to connect with you on a personal basis. And then from there, once you see success by posting more business oriented visuals once in a while, you can then take the next step and start a business account. But I really think twice if you don't have a visual product.

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