How to Pivot Your Marketing During the Coronavirus Pandemic
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferApril 15, 2020
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How to Pivot Your Marketing During the Coronavirus Pandemic

This is the 3rd in a series of episodes helping you make sense of what the coronavirus pandemic means to your business. This episode will be focused on the marketing aspect of your business. Is it OK to publish content on social media now? Is it OK to advertise? What should I be posting about? What marketing activities should and shouldn't we be doing? These questions will all be addressed in hopes of inciting you to action to show up and help your own community by pivoting your marketing in these continued uncertain times.

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Stay at home and stay safe everyone!

Key Highlights

[02:33] TalkWalker Webinar

[05:30] How Can Your Business Do To Help People

[07:15] Corporate Social Responsibility

[08:23] Second Way Your Business Can Help People

[09:19] Digitzing Your Product And Service

[09:45] What If You Don't Have A Digital Product Or Service?

[12:01] Another Way of Leveraging Influencers In Time Of COVID19

[12:46] Time To Optimize Your Marketing Infrastructure

[13:41] Deepening Relationship With Influencers

Notable Qoutes

  • What is it that your company can do to help and maybe if you can't do that, you can help people in your community, you can contact a local hospital, and see how you can help or people that need food, how you might be able to help them, there is help that any one of us can provide.
  • People remember the good and the bad, and people will remember those that helped them during this pandemic, become one of those entities. So your community needs you more than ever, and we are truly all in this together.
  • Part of Corporate Social Responsibility is tapping into your responsibility as an enterprise to help others. And if you haven't done this before, this is really a great time to start.
  • But part of what they're doing in that engagement is not just the entertainment and being together with them, and providing them that human touch. So that they are remembered, obviously, but also, they're providing them customer education.
  • If you're looking at beginning influencer marketing, or doing more influencer marketing, now is the time to spend more time with influencer identification, whether it's you're doing it for the first time, or you want to find new influencers, as well as it's great time to deepen relationships with influencers.
  • Use this time wisely. Especially not just that market infrastructure, but in developing relationships, relationships with the public, around you, your community, your customers, and with those influencers that you plan on investing more in once we get out of this pandemic.

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