How to Optimize Your Content Publishing on Your Blog and Social Media
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferOctober 09, 2020
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How to Optimize Your Content Publishing on Your Blog and Social Media

As you publish more blog posts and content throughout social media on a wide variety of subjects that are relevant to your business, how do you know which content is performing better or worse? How can you take that engagement data and feed it back into your publishing infrastructure to create more or less content about what types of content that are relevant to your company, and in doing so generating higher and higher ROI for whatever metric you are tracking? 

In this episode I introduce a quarterly content audit which I just started doing which gives you specific instructions of how to do this with your own content using my own blog as a case study. You'll learn about the concept of content buckets that I introduced back in 2013 in my Maximize Your Social book and how to apply that in PDCA style with a data-driven approach which allows you to further optimize your marketing with every (quarterly) iteration!

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Key Highlights

[01:06] The Notion of Regular

[04:20] Why You Need to Categorize Your Content

[05:58] My Process of Categorizing and Analyzing the Performance of My Content

[08:34] Guest Blogger Application

[09:03] The Process of Audit

[12:08] Performing Keyword Search

[15:17] Google Analytics

[15:42] My Formula of Analyzing My Content Performance

[16:10] The Metrics I Am Looking At When Auditing

[21:00] How the Process of Audit Helped Me

[24:17] Summary

Notable Quotes

  • It really comes down to no matter what business you are, you have various products or services, you have various demographics, various needs various solutions. And you can organize your content into these different buckets, these different categories of content.
  • And what happens when you begin with this process is over the course of time, if you go back, you're going to realize that some categories performed better on some networks than others. 
  • On YouTube, it's a lot easier for content creators to compete with brands, because so few brands, get it and do it. But a blog is something that brands can become more influential, they just have more resources to pour into buying content, buying SEO services, and what have you.
  • It's about quality, not quantity.
  • It gives you a really, really good feel as to what content you should be publishing more of less of how you should pivot, you only get here until you have a minimum number of content. 
  • So when you have that mindset, when you have the process when you do the audit, and obviously you have to have the content and be active on social media for this to work, you can begin to craft a really, really great data driven system to optimize your content for whatever metrics you want to follow.

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