How to Measure Your Digital Marketing Ads ROI in a Non-Trackable World [Elijah Kirsch Interview]
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferMarch 17, 2022
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How to Measure Your Digital Marketing Ads ROI in a Non-Trackable World [Elijah Kirsch Interview]

Yes, there are big changes underway in the world of Facebook and Google Ads, in case you hadn't heard. Beginning with GDPR, the trends are slowly moving in the favor of consumers, and advertisers are being challenged in accessing the same amount of rich data they used to be able to more easily obtain effective digital marketing advertising results.

What should your business do to measure your digital marketing ads ROI in a non-trackable world?

This is the topic of an informative interview I had with Elijah Kirsch, CEO and Founder of Zonder Marketing and also one of the leading consultants at Mayple Marketing Solutions.

Some of the things we discussed include:

  • How to understand the current digital and social media advertising situation and further push for privacy and its impact on your advertising
  • Learn how to measure ROI through a variety of A/B testing methods
  • Discover "hidden" ROI measurements in your data

Key Highlights

[02:42] Introduction of Podcast Guest, Elijah Kirsch

[04:42] Elijah's Journey to Digital Marketing

[06:27] The Evolution of Digital Marketing

[10:32] Look Alikes and Remarketing

[12:10] Changes in Social Media Platforms

[13:03] Changes in Paid Digital Marketing

[15:00] Things That Businesses Should Be Doing Now

[19:44] Attribution On Multiple Touchpoints

[23:12] Elijah's Favorite AV Testing Methods

[26:42] Hidden ROI Measurements

[30:57] How Mayple Helps Businesses

[34:15] What To Look Foward In The Next Years

[36:30] Connect With Elijah

Notable Quotes

  • And one thing that I believe in is when you're taking over a client that already exists, and they already have campaigns, don't just run your own. I've seen that happens so many times where agencies consultants are like, hey, I've got a better idea.
  • While this year is tough, just because you have that year over year comparison, I think going forwards with these, you're going to see much smarter implementations much, much more cohesive stories doing putting more effort into those areas than I think what often got done in the past.
  •  And so I think what the businesses are going to start to do is really understand what that incrementality is.
  • I think we as marketers need to be much more integrated, no longer can we just look at return on adspend and call it a day, another client of working with doing Google Shopping, I've reset up all their campaigns based on their actual margin.
  • You can completely change how a company works and operates by understanding that data, it takes a lot more effort, it takes time, and it takes understanding. But I find it extremely helpful.
  • You can't have mediocre creatives anymore. They have to be on point. You have to be working with people and be integrated into that brand team. 

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