How to Maximize Your Impact on Social With Video [Kate Skavish Interview]

How to Maximize Your Impact on Social With Video [Kate Skavish Interview]

Look at your social media analytics, and you will probably notice that those posts that were or included a video component probably performed the best. This should be no surprise as video is perhaps the most powerful form of content that helps to create trust and connections unlike any other content medium.

There is no better person to guide us on how to leverage videos in our social media TODAY than Kate Skavish, co-founder of the video marketing platform Listen in as Kate teaches us how to be relevant by including videos in our marketing content mix and helping us stand out by providing tips on how to make better videos consistently.

Key Highlights

[1:12] The Power of Video

[3:36] Introduction of the guest, Kate Skavish

[5:01] How Kate Started with Video Marketing

[6:43] Leveraging Video Content to Create Trust and Connection to Your Audience
In what way video can help create trust and communicate feelings to your audience?

[11:11] The First Step to Including Video In Your Marketing Strategy
The different approaches on how you can create videos and use them as part of your content strategy.

[14:52] SEO Driven Approach For Videos

[22:41] New Features

[27:54] How Can I Make Better Videos Consistently

[30:15] The Best Way To Get Your Audience Hooked In Your Videos

[33:57] Best Practices for YouTube Videos
Kate shared some advice and best practices to apply when doing YouTube videos.

[38:19] The Future for

[40:00] Connect with Kate Skavish

Notable Quotes

  • Video conveys so much more than just what you say. With video, you are able to communicate your passion, your feelings, and that what tended to create this connection between people, which also creates trust.
  • Well, my advice is to start explaining and think about strategy. First, what you want to convey and how you will do it over time, you're not going to end up doing something once and then forgetting about it. Because that doesn't bring results.
  • Research your keywords, create content, see what actually trends on YouTube because training is something that where you can utilize your efforts on and then probably see, if you already have written articles, just repurpose them in the form of video
  • You have to streamline your video creation process. And that makes it easier for you to produce it on a regular basis.
  • Whatever your goal is, for this particular video, you need to tell your viewers directly what you want.
  • Under commit and over deliver.

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