How to Generate Leads from Facebook with TabSite [Mike Gingerich Interview]

How to Generate Leads from Facebook with TabSite [Mike Gingerich Interview]

This week, I am coming to you from Victoria, British Columbia, in Canada where I keynoted Social Media Camp. At the event, I ran into my friend Mike Gingerich of TabSite. TabSite is a great tool that helps you run contests and capture leads, mostly on Facebook, but also on the web. It integrates with tons of common platforms like MailChimp, Infusionsoft, Canva, and Hootsuite, and it’s so easy to use. It’s a great way to grow your following, get shared on social networks, and engage with people. Learn more in this episode!

Key Highlights

[00:53] Introduction of Podcast Guest, Mike Gingerich

[01:29] What Is Topside?

[03:12] How to Filter Out The Selection

[04:17] Sweepstakes vs Sweeptakes Plus

[07:24] Integration With Go To Webinar

[09:04] Promotion Tools

[09:40] Analytics Tool

[10:57] Pricing

[12:03] Mike's Advice on How Business Can Use Topside for Running Facebook Contests

Notable Quotes

  • Contests are a way of it's a way of engaging with your fanbase on a regular basis using all these different types of apps exists. 
  • We ramp up from there and including the fact where we have a small agency starting point where you can run one contest simultaneously on multiple Facebook pages. So that's helpful for businesses collaborating, or businesses with multiple locations.
  • They need to be thinking about their engagement strategy. I mean, you have to be active on Facebook for your page. So it's sharing content that's quality, that's helpful. 
  • You have to look at using Facebook ads for some of your best content and, and the value of that is you get in front of more people. But the significant value is you get in front of the exact target audiences because it's a massive database. And Facebook ads allows you to drill into exactly who you want to be in front of and that's just totally a value. 
  • You need to be experimenting with video. Even if you're running a contest, you're posting that link but make a little video about that. 
  • A 25/32 video can get tremendous reach gets in front of a lot of people, and they can have a simple call to action that's free for you from Facebook loaded video driving them right to your your landing page.
  • I think video is something that brands need to small businesses need to understand and experiment with.

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