How to Foster Meaningful Conversations That Engage and Move People [Minter Dial Interview]
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferJanuary 13, 2023
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How to Foster Meaningful Conversations That Engage and Move People [Minter Dial Interview]

Networking and fostering meaningful conversations to engage and move people are core skills that every marketing professional, entrepreneur, and business owner should have.

To help us hone in on these skills to begin the new year, I am honored to have my friend and someone who I have a great deal of respect for, Minter Dial, on this episode.

Minter is an elevating professional speaker and consultant on branding, leadership and transformation. 

As he prepares to finish writing his new book, Dialogos, Minter shares with us: 

  • Tools to facilitate conversation
  • Ways to meet new people (and network)
  • Ways to develop your empathic listening skills

As the pandemic slowly dwindles down and we go back out to working with and meeting more people in real life, this is the perfect episode to ensure we have the right mindset to take advantage of any and every potential networking situation.

Key Highlights

[01:54] Introduction of Podcast Guest, Minter Dial

[05:53] Minter As An Elevator

[07:12] How Minter Started His Speaking and Corporate Leadership Career

[11:58] Minter's Books

[13:51] Minter's Secret to Writing Content

[18:03] Books On Substack

[21:56] Recommended Tools in Facilitating A Conversation Approach to Business

[23:49] The Empathy Circle

[27:16] Helping People Find New People

[31:44] Ways to Develop Empathic Listening Skills

[34:36] The Reformulation Piece

[39:47] Connect With Minter

Notable Quotes

  • In the notion of elevation that's important to me, is finding more meaningfulness in whatever we do, whoever you are, in some kind of way.
  • The point that I was getting to, especially since I started working on digital, was how much the brand should be represented by the human beings, the employees that are working within the company. And so branding gets personal was really my mantra.
  • The first idea is it's really self-awareness, to notice when you're being triggered to notice when you are being overly excited. And in that impulsion, perhaps cutting off people not knowing to listen.
  • The second part of it is learning how to listen without judgment. And that means putting aside your own ego, and really trying to understand what the other person is saying. And the goodwill tool here is reformulation.
  • I have always thought that I am as strong as my network. But having a strong network doesn't mean having a lot of people. It means having a set of people who can have your back, have complementary skills, and add to your position, if you will not just like minded people, this is what I consider a strong network.
  •  It's not about having quantity, it's about enjoying the process, listening to stories and not having an agenda.

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