How to Determine Objectives for Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

How to Determine Objectives for Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Are you having a problem aligning business goals with your social media activities? Whether you are a large or small business, solopreneur, non-profit, NGO, or religious organization, here are some ideas to help you begin Maximizing Your Social.

Key Highlights

[01:24] Catch Me at Social Media Marketing World

[03:11] Building Social Strategies Aligned with Business Objectives

[04:07] A Case Study I Did

[05:48] How to Create Social Strategy

[07:09] Leveraging Your Departments in Your Strategy

[08:32] Start with the Most Critical Things to Your Organization.

Notable Quotes

  • I think that when you build your social strategy, it has to align with something that you want to achieve. 
  • I always talk about you know, whenever I talk about social media strategy and creating those business objectives at the very beginning, I start with the language of CEOs right the language of exile. It's either more sales or lesser expenses. And either those lead to greater profit. And indeed, there's a number of things you can do to help you achieve that.
  • But obviously, social media really started out as a form of outward communications. So that's why you had public relations, you had marketing, and corporate communications are usually the early adopters. 
  • Moving beyond that we've seen, obviously, as more and more consumers engage with companies, we've seen social media for customer service come alive.
  • And it's a matter of, you know, training, the rest of them, learning best practices, a lot of this training I do for a lot of companies, and really getting everybody involved in social selling.
  • Every company has different business objectives. Every department has different objectives, different strategies for the year, but it really comes down to, you know, have a meeting, what are we trying to achieve this year, and it's very, very similar to how I consult with my clients. 
  • As I always say social media is half science, how far I can teach the science. But there's a certain application or the applied part of it is something that's going to be unique to your company, to your brand, to your situation, to your strategy, to your specific objectives for who you are, and why your business or organization is in existence. 

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