How Product-Led SEO Will Help You Reap Real ROI from Search Engine Optimization [Eli Schwartz Interview]
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferApril 11, 2022
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How Product-Led SEO Will Help You Reap Real ROI from Search Engine Optimization [Eli Schwartz Interview]

Have you ever wanted to pick the brain of an SEO expert and get the real scoop on what makes for good - and bad - search engine optimization and even understand for what situations SEO might not be the best investment of your marketing budget?

If so you are going to love this interview with Eli Schwarz, author of Product-Led SEO. I guarantee you after listening to this episode you will see SEO in a brand new insightful light!

Key Highlights

[02:19] Introduction of Podcast Guest, Eli Schwartz

[03:38] How Eli Got Into SEO

[06:45] Going Beyond Keywords

[10:10] How to Identify SEO Opportunities

[14:23] Types of B2B Companies that Best Fit SEO

[19:03] Eli's Definition of Investing

[22:17] Productled SEO

[24:19] Example of Succesful Businesses

[28:27] Programmility and Scalability

[29:56] Things People Overlook SEO

[34:12] Smarter AI in SEO]

[35:26] Final Advice

[37:43] Connect with Eli

Notable Quotes

  • I think the idea is in the idea for all marketing, social media, SEO, paid media, brand media is users, you want to sell something, even if you're not selling an actual product, you're selling eyeballs, you're selling your media, you're selling retention, you're selling on brain authority.
  • I want to bring SEO back to that which is search is just a medium for people to find us.
  • So I think if you think about search as a medium and search as a concept, then you're focusing on the user, which is how do I create the best content, the best material for the users that are going to be using searches immediately, not how am I going to understand Google's algorithm of today and improve upon that so I show up as high as possible.
  • Know where you are in the funnel and build the effort around that.
  • So that's all I'm saying is do the basics, but don't make it an investment. If it's not a channel, don't spend money on advertising if you're not going to get users from it.
  • When I say product lead SEO, I mean that your understanding that there is a user out there on search that is looking for something that you can sell, and you build an entire product around it.
  • So educational content, again, if if it doesn't scale, then you're limited by how much content you can create.
  • 90% of websites don't do SEO. That's a fact. I think it's probably 99% of websites in the world don't do SEO. So all the rules that Google has, has to work for the 100%, not just the 90%
  • If you can't justify your spend on SEO, if you don't see how the amount of money you're spending on SEO will ever repaid back, you can't put it in a spreadsheet.

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