How Networking Helps You Scale Your Business [Philip VanDusen Interview]
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferOctober 15, 2020
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How Networking Helps You Scale Your Business [Philip VanDusen Interview]

Join me for this insightful interview with branding guru, fellow podcaster, and YouTube influencer Philip VanDusen. We talk all about the power of networking and the impact it can have on your business, especially as we are in the midst of this coronarvirus pandemic. Some of the things we discussed include:

  • How the pandemic has effected our decision-making power
  • The power of mastermind groups
  • How "natural networking" - in a new way - can help you scale your business quickly

Key Highlights

[03:28] Introduction of Podcast Guest, Philip VanDusen

[07:22] The Effects of Pandemic in Networking

[08:39] Things About Social Media that Influencers Need to Pay More Attention

[11:13] Why People Need Confidence and Affirmations

[14:51] Imposter Syndrome

[16:24] Why You Need to Reach Out

[19:13] What People Are Missing Out Because of COVID?

[20:49] The Guild Effect

[23:58] What Made Philip Decide In The Mastermind

[27:11] How To Go About Finding Mastermind?

[36:03] Difference Between Mastermind And Group Coaching

[38:18] Connect With Philip

Notable Quotes

  • People need affirmation. And I think that people were getting those sorts of affirmations or kind of support of their decisions and their movements, without even realizing it, when we were in those office situations or studio situation. 
  • If you take the same kind of perspective, with networking, then, and reaching out on social media and that more one to one way, it becomes a lot less than intimidating, and it's a little less scary in terms of feeling rejected or ignored.
  •  And I think you know, one of the things that hold people back from doing this is that you know that insecurity the imposter syndrome rejection feeling of possibility of being rejected.
  • And I think that with Coronavirus, because we are disconnected, that whole learning process of that comes from networking, right? Because it is a give and take, but just the things you learn from people, it just is so invaluable.
  • It is not just self serving as a content producer, it is amplifying your message to a broader audience and, you know, creating a geometric progression of the value that you're putting out into the world.
  • Businesses need people, they need people to buy for them, their products and services, but people don't buy from brands, people buy from people, people want to do business with people, the more you can humanize what you do, and to downscale what you do from brand to person, the better off you're going to be in terms of making connection.

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