How My Marketing - and Business - Performed in 2022
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferJanuary 10, 2023
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How My Marketing - and Business - Performed in 2022

Welcome to episode 300! As part of an annual tradition, today I report to you on how my marketing channels and business did in 2022. I want to not only let you provide you the data to let you know why I recommend what I do, but also inspire you by providing you some benchmarks for your own digital marketing.

Key Highlights

[02:25] My Annual Look On How My Channels Performed

[03:07] Where I Recommend You Begin With

[04:14] My Website Traffic

[06:28] Looking At My Direct Traffic

[08:44] You need to Reset Your Approach to Social Media

[10:13] Digging Deeper Inside Website Traffic

[14:15] My Two Takeaways

[18:23] My Digital Marketing Podcast Data

[19:14] Looking At My YouTube Channel Numbers

[22:25] Connect The Dots

[23:28] Ways I'm Looking At Monetizing

Notable Quotes

  • I always tell my clients direct traffic is really a result of your brand awareness. If people know about you, they're going to directly enter your name and the URL, your website name, they're going to bookmark your site and what have you. So that number to me is very positive. 
  • But that's why, you know, social media was never made for website traffic generation. And we're going back to the early days of what social media was about just exposure, brand awareness. And the social platforms are more and more built for that, you know, short form video is about keeping people on the platform longer, and not having clickable content. 
  • I know that email is the key to getting a business and building a deeper relationship with my community.
  • Inbound marketing truly works. It's not just creating content for website traffic sake. It's creating targeted content that drives targeted conversions.
  • When you look at your numbers like this, it becomes pretty clear that directs that you need to go. And I'm hoping that that serves as a or these numbers, you know, without giving you too specific numbers, serve as a Northstar, and maybe help clarify or help you better understand the numbers that you're seeing.
  • At some point, you need to connect the audience that you have, with the products and services that you sell, with the actual money that you earn. We're not doing digital marketing for the sake of doing digital marketing. We're not in college, doing a research project on how to generate more website traffic. This is our livelihood. 
  • I think people really want to, well, they really want to go at their own pace. So it'll be interesting to see it's another experiment, but if you don't experiment you never know.

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