Social Media Reveals from a TikTok Influencer - Who is Also a Doctor! [Dr. Brian Boxer Wachler Interview]
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferJanuary 06, 2023
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Social Media Reveals from a TikTok Influencer - Who is Also a Doctor! [Dr. Brian Boxer Wachler Interview]

Not every company is on board the TikTok train yet, but after listening to this episode, you will see TikTok in an entirely new way.

Meet Dr. Brian Boxer Wachler, a doctor who specializes in a rare disease of the eye called keratoconus who started posting on TikTok during covid and now has become a bonafide TikTok influencer with more than 3 million followers!

Why did he start posting on TikTok?

And what did he start posting on TikTok?

And what is his advice for you?

You'll have to listen in for the details!

Key Highlights

[02:08] Introduction of Podcast Guest, Dr. Brian Boxer Wachler

[06:58] From Being Surgeon's Surgeons to Social Media Influencer

[11:43] The Process of Offering Advice and Inspirations

[14:18] What Made Dr. Brian Write Book About Social Media

[16:35] Dr. Brian's Recommendation on Posting for Maximum Impact

[20:51] Thought Process on Publishing Content

[25:01] Pitfalls to Avoid in Social Media

[29:14] Final Thoughts

[29:48] Connect With Dr. Brian

Notable Quotes

  • That was really what became my mission to help people. But what I guess led to my videos doing so well is that there's a huge need for accurate information. And that's why my account and everything kind of took off from there.
  • I had so much information between what I've learned and what I shared, and the other 15 influencers that I interviewed, that were really gracious to open up and share what they've learned, the good and the bad, and the school of hard knocks to get to where they were. And that chapter is really a key one for people who do want to embrace social media and understand how to grow their platform, and especially how to grow it in a responsible way.
  • I think you have to look at each platform individually, because they have their own algorithms. 
  • Being able to balance it and not, you know, get too hooked in and lose track of the important things in life, which are relationships with other people, friends and family, you know, your jobs, you know, being able to achieve what you want to achieve and not start spending so much time on the platforms.
  •  So for parents, it becomes even more critical to be involved in how to be involved to help your kids stay safe, and not go off that deep end, which they're the most likely and most vulnerable to a whole chapter called Living with social media that's actually giving, you know, adults and parents and also teenagers, you know, that read the book, the benefits, but without the downsides.
  • Social media is like fire, it could be used for illumination, or you could badly burn yourself.

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