How Influencer Gifting Can Build Your Business [Mike Baddeley Interview]
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferDecember 30, 2021
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How Influencer Gifting Can Build Your Business [Mike Baddeley Interview]

In The Age of Influence, I talk about how leveraging influencers is the best way to incite word of mouth in social media if you don't have a large fanbase.

What Mike Baddeley did for his brand Passchier is a case study that you can learn from as to how to go about doing this.

We're not talking about randomly paying random influencers with large followings to talk about you. We're talking about strategically building relationships with those that will probably be interested in your product or service and gifting them product to kickstart things.

It is an approach that many startups use with success, so listen in to how Mike has used this strategy to literally help build his business.

Key Highlights

[03:38] Introduction of Podcast Guest, Mike Baddeley

[06:26] How Mike Started Passchier

[08:52] How Mike Promoted His Products

[12:08] The Marketing Technique Mike Did To Spread The Word About Handlebars

[13:10] How Mike Find Influencers

[14:51] The Problem Of Finding Relevant Influencers

[16:24] Sustainability Angle

[18:25] How To Maintain Relationships and Expand At The Same Time

[21:44] Potential TikTok Marketing

[22:39] Mike's Advice On Leveraging The Power Of Gifting

[24:46] Connect With Mike

Notable Quotes

  • The spread the word key audience is his bike tourists and commuters. Just contacting these influencers on Instagram, or on their websites, and just approaching all these people.
  • You've got to get them in people's hands. And you know, you can't sell a secret member, someone saying that it's such an obvious thing to say, but you've got to get out there. And you've got to get people talking.
  • The journey now is some of the influences we've targeted and had dialogue in there reviewed the product, we need, you know, maintain that relationship. So managing that relationship is a critical part of that journey.
  • They've got an audience in the audience wants to hear information. And so if we can be proactive in providing that and providing product for their customers to to sample as well. So we're giving giveaways to their customer base as well, their member base as well.
  • What people forget is that creators need not just creativity and an audience, but they need content, they need things to get content around, right.
  • And it's a really good reminder that really what it comes down to is the content but also you being able to provide that and those do that have product have the ability to provide.
  • It might be a little bit harder to get people excited about wanting to try your product, but the higher value offer and the more relevant it is for the people you reach out to obviously, the better results you're going to get.

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