How Every Small Business Can Increase Sales with Video [Jayson Duncan Interview]
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferMarch 13, 2020
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How Every Small Business Can Increase Sales with Video [Jayson Duncan Interview]

Are you looking to do more with video in social media? Join me for this interview with video marketing expert Jayson Duncan as we discuss how can businesses get into a groove of creating video on a regular basis, how to get people to watch your videos on LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube, how to create successful video ads, and more! Learn more about Jayson and his company Miller Farm Media here:

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Key Highlights

[01:21] Introduction of Podcast Guest, Jayson Duncan

[07:30] Aligning Video With Sales

[12:20] How To Get Into The Groove Of Creating Videos

[18:12] Why Content Batching Is Powerful

[20:13] One Of The Steps That Brands Forget

[23:54] How To Get People to Watch Your Videos?

[25:22] Different Types Of Content Work On Different Platforms

[26:23] The Importance Of Captions

[27:51] The Sweet Spot In Video Length

[32:34] Jayson's Insights On Video Ads

[39:16] How To Create Successful Video Ad?

[41:37] Measuring ROI For Video Ad

[43:11] Jayson's Final Advice

[46:16] Connect With Jayson

[48:32] Summary

Notable Quotes

  • Everyone's in business because they provide a service that is valuable to the marketplace. And if you don't provide a service that's value the marketplace, you soon go out of business.
  • So to get weekly video, the first thing to do is be human. That's the element we all have some people get lost in.
  • I don't care who you work with, but find a video marketer, and have a monthly phone call with him or whatever you need for your campaign, make sure that you're doing the things that are really going to work and they can help guide your team.
  • Look for that on YouTube. Building influencers internally and you talked about connecting this to your sales, your sales team, make those salespeople your influencer. So start with with a face that people can recognize and in a location they can recognize. 
  • It all goes back to your funnel. So knowing where your buyer is in the in the journey, knowing your audiences in a journey with you as a content creator, as a brand.
  • It's the same thing with social, the longer you stay and consume content on that platform, right, not clicking a link going somewhere else. But the longer you're there, the more valuable you are.
  • So making it unstoppable. That's the first step if you can't get them to stop. From there, you got three seconds. So you gotta you gotta you really make that moment important for them so you can get another five to 10 seconds or whatever that number is.

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