How Can Marketers Stay Ahead in a Rapidly Changing Industry? [Yam Regev Interview]
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferOctober 21, 2019
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How Can Marketers Stay Ahead in a Rapidly Changing Industry? [Yam Regev Interview]

If you are a marketer, especially a digital or social media marketer, it really gets more and more difficult with each passing day to keep track of all of the changes going on in the world of marketing as well as all of the excellent and insightful blog content that are being published. From following social media feeds to subscribing to RSS feeds and newsletters, all of us marketers have our own system that we have created to try to cope, but this approach may not be ideal, especially for the subject matter that we are less familiar with.

This episode #141 features an interview with Yam Regev, CEO and Founder of We discuss all of the changes in marketing that marketers need to be concerned about, how can marketers consume all of the blog content that is being published on a daily basis, as well as how a combination of Community + Content + AI utilizing the free app can help support today's marketer. You can access Zest at

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 Key Highlights

[02:57] Introduction of Podcast Guest, Yam Regev

[03:48] What Is Zest?

[08:32] The Heart and Core Of Zest

[17:15] The Learning Management Aspect Of Zest

[20:11] Our Email Feature

[23:10] Does Zest Offer Certification Programs?

[26:55] New Emerging Topics That Are Critical For Marketers

[27:59] The Reality Of Marketing Industry

[30:35] What Zest Provides

[31:13] 2 Key Areas Marketers Need To Be Top Of The Game

[35:59] Built-in Feedback Process

[39:40] Most Searched Tags

Notable Quotes

  • We feel that we live in a huge global shift, right in the way that we consume content. And it seems that the way that we expect content to be to be it needs to be more personalized, and on demand.
  • The cheaper it is to create content, the accessible the internet gets the more content and information that will be.
  • The content creators themselves are creating a lot of content, but they're not necessarily updating the old content, which Google I get gives really, really good authority to If that old content was able to generate a lot of backlinks and engagement.
  • I think that's the core issue with Google is that even if you find a great piece of content, we tried to be relevant and even knowledge building for you, you know, some maybe someone worked quite hard to get these results, and to target us specifically.
  • The way that you consume a knowledge or the way that you prioritize what content you want to consume, should be we can call it social, socially based, based on a lot of parameters, but also about who you are, well, what is your surroundings? What are the kinds of people that you want to be like?

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