Google Plus vs Facebook vs Twitter vs LinkedIn: The Grand Experiment!

Google Plus vs Facebook vs Twitter vs LinkedIn: The Grand Experiment!

Through an experimental post, you will quickly discover the differences between the major 4 platforms and discover value in Google Plus that you might not have seen before.

Key Highlights

[00:49] One Big Difference Between Facebook and Google Plus

[02:51] Google Plus's Different Community

[03:34] Some of LinkedIn's Technical Infrastructure Issues

[04:17] Why I'm Excited About Google Plus

[05:51] The Difference in the Atmosphere Between Google Plus and Facebook

[08:33] Google Plus is All About Status Updates

[08:52] The Difference in Conversations

Notable Quotes

  • I am going to bring in my on upon airways brand ambassador trip as well as this notion of experimentation in social media to give you a fuller and deeper description of the really unique professional community that is developing on Google Plus a community very different than LinkedIn.
  • And over the last 12 months, I think that a lot of people have felt that their LinkedIn user experience has been well, for lack of a better word to has taken a turn for the worse, whether it's the introduction of new features, getting new emails that they didn't end up subscribing for, or didn't originally subscribe for, or just the never ending spam, the never ending self promotion that we see.
  • The addition of being able to do that within Gmail for us Google Mail is what really sets Google Plus apart. Also just firm control. If you see spam and a comment, it's very easy to report that person. You can also easily moderate communities and what have you.
  • But the reason why I'm really excited about Google Plus as a professional networking platform that someday may surpass LinkedIn is the nature of the people and the nature of the conversation.
  • I always talk about the need for never ending experimentation in social media because it's always changing. 
  • It just goes to show you just the different types of people that different relationships that we find the different platforms.
  • I think there's no better way through this experiment to show you the gap in the conversation some of the people I mean, there's definitely still some overlap of people between Facebook and Google Plus, but you will see that Google Plus has just turned into a much more professional network.

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