Going Live: Why Livestreaming Matters (Christoph Trappe Interview)
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferApril 01, 2021
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Going Live: Why Livestreaming Matters (Christoph Trappe Interview)

Serial author and content marketing expert Christoph Trappe joins me for this episode dedicated to livestreaming and why it matters. We all know that video is the most powerful to express our brands or our ourselves, but why aren't we doing more of it?

Christoph will help you better understand and utilize livestreaming with his advice on:

  • The evolution of livestreaming as a differentiator
  • How to integrate livestreaming into your strategy
  • Tools and tricks of the trade

Key Highlights

[01:21] Introduction of Podcast Guest, Christoph Trappe

[03:13] Christoph's Journey of Content Marketing and Storytelling

[05:50] Why Do I Need to Always Tell A Story?

[08:20] Rules on Paragraphs

[10:02] Tools for Content Writing

[14:34] Why Livestreaming Is A Strong Strategic Differentiator in Content Marketing

[21:56] Integrating Live Streams into Marketing Strategy

[23:47] Content Repurposing

[24:26] Christoph's Recommendations on Content Repurposing

[26:51] NPR Approach

[27:48] Tools and Tricks You Can Use for Live Streaming

[33:32] Christoph's Book

[36:50] Connect with Christoph

Notable Quotes

  • Always try to tell stories. It's the stories that people remember.
  • Integrated into everything else you're doing, find a way to maximize what you're doing on the live stream, use it on other places, whether it's an article, whether it's social, whether it's different things, and then kind of see what takes off, you know, maybe it's the light, maybe you need to focus more time on the live stream and less time on blogging.
  • Be very strategic over what you want to update what you want to produce after the fact.
  • There's always a way to repurpose, and sometimes it's as simple as taking the new podcast or the new live stream, and embedding it into an old article, In the end, you're done.
  • So my biggest advice is, stop the excuses that you don't have the right equipment. 
  • There are 47 dominoes that have to fall. Something doesn't work on a live stream. Don't sweat it, you know, just do what you can. And if it doesn't work, try it again later, or just do a podcast, you know, and use the podcast.

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