From Selfies to Sales: Growing Your Brand with UGC featuring Kathryn McCauley
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferFebruary 06, 2024
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From Selfies to Sales: Growing Your Brand with UGC featuring Kathryn McCauley

Hello, digital marketers, and welcome to another information-packed episode of Your Digital Marketing Coach! Today, we're thrilled to have Kathryn McCauley with us, a wizard of user-generated content—those powerful, authentic gems that brands dream of. Kathryn's insights are game-changing; imagine using photo-worthy opportunities at every turn, prompting customers to snap, tag, and rave about your business. She discusses how something as simple as a chocolatier placing flags in ice cream can ignite social media buzz.

We'll delve into success stories where UGC has propelled businesses forward and discover how hosting events with an eye for user-generated content can create social proof that lasts the whole year round. Ever thought about adopting a 90% UGC approach? Kathryn and Neal weigh the possibilities.

Together, we'll explore step-by-step strategies to encourage and leverage UGC, from encouraging pre-event hype to creating an Instagrammable ethos. Kathryn's got the tips you need to ensure your content aligns perfectly with your brand voice, whether it's through manual curation or tasteful influencer partnerships.

Stay tuned as we discuss the power of branded hashtags, engaging with your community, and the real-world benefits seen by businesses that have adopted Kathryn's approach. Be ready to revolutionize the way you think about content creation, build stronger relationships with your customers, and fuel growth through this often underutilized resource.

So get set to be inspired, take notes, and transform your digital marketing playbook—right here on Your Digital Marketing Coach!



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