Free PR: How to Leverage the Media to Amplify Your Brand Exposure and Increase Credibility without Spending Money [Adrian Salamunovic Interview]
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferJanuary 30, 2020
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Free PR: How to Leverage the Media to Amplify Your Brand Exposure and Increase Credibility without Spending Money [Adrian Salamunovic Interview]

Join me for an interview with Adrian Salamunovic, Founder of and Author of FREE PR, where we discuss all of the free things you can do to get media exposure. This includes learning how to differentiate yourself, identifying the right media targets and channels, and how to amplify and leverage the media you get after it's published by using social media and paid social. If you want to take advantage of the pre-publishing campaign for my book The Age of Influence on Amazon, make sure you buy the book here and then send me a receipt of your pre-purchase before March 17 to Thanks!

Key Highlights

[02:26] Introduction of Podcast Guest, Adrian Salamunovic

[06:38] Book To Read To Learn About Differentiating Yourself

[07:28] What Does

[09:49] Taking Pitch And Translating It Into Online ACtivities

[12:08] Working On The Channels And Content

[16:20] Why Personalization Is Important

[21:41] Adrian's Advice On Sending Messages Through Instagram And Twitter

[23:07] Timeliness Is Everything

[26:27] The Concept Of Adding Value

[28:40] What To Do If You Don't Know Your Ideal Targets

[29:34] Performing Micro Surveys

[31:30] Leveraging Google Analytics

[34:35] Hack On How To Organically Get Hits

[39:08] The Deal Of Hiring PR Agencies

[45:13] Three Tiers On Paid Media

[50:06] Adrian's Book

[53:09] Connect With Adrian

Notable Quotes

  • I think that having a unique value proposition is probably the most important foundational thing you can do as a business founder, right from the start.
  • There's riches in niches as the saying goes. And we really like businesses that have niches. And I think one of the most powerful things about having a niche is you're not trying to boil the ocean, right? You know exactly who you're going after.
  • What I tell people to do is to think that we work for the media, not the other way around. y job is to be available to them when they need me to be available to help bring value to their audience to help them create a great story or narrative. And if you go in with that attitude of servitude, you're going to get so much more from the media over and over again.
  • I think that that concept of adding value and being their friend is is just more and more important, as more and more businesses have have realized what they need to do to get their media coverage.
  • The best way to stand out is by almost, again, trying to be empathetic, I think being having empathy is really key, understanding people getting hundreds of emails, or hundreds of messages, standing out by offering value first, by being different with your value by being generous with your value and sort of having, let's say, the most important thing, an attitude of servitude.
  • You know your product better than anyone, you know how to converse with these people better than anyone, you're you should be more natural at it, why not keep it in house and just hire those people and train them

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