Fire Your Social Media Consultant!
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferFebruary 11, 2013
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Fire Your Social Media Consultant!

Stop outsourcing your social media to consultants and agencies who put a black box around your social media. Instead, start thinking of ways to own your social media strategy and insource your social media activities.

Key Highlights

[00:43] Fire Your Social Media Consultant

[01:24] The Problem With Outsourcing Resources

[02:50] Are You Blindly Throwing Money Away?

[04:00] Own Your Strategy

[04:53] Understand The Basics

[06:11] Do You Really Need A Social Media Consultant?

[06:52] Think Twice And Ask Yourself Questions

Notable Quotes

  • I took a course very, very early in my career, and I talked about this in an earlier podcast, of actually not implementing social media on behalf of other companies, because I truly believe that it is something that should be done by that company, if they really want to get the most effective use of social media, it really is a no brainer. 
  • But the problem is 99% of the businesses that I talk with, if they're outsourcing it, whether it be an agency or consultant, or what have you, there are not doing it with the right people. 
  • If you're going to outsource, you need to be able to manage them by one owning the strategy. And in terms of owning the strategy, you need to educate yourself on social media. 
  • If you don't understand the basics, you're not gonna be able to cre ate a strategy and you're not going to be able to manage these external resources. 
  • Social media is not rocket science. It's teachable. And if you have good obviously business acumen, you can learn social media and become very proficient at it, it doesn't need to be a full time job either. 
  • So the title of this episode is fire your social media consultant, because most of them are not teaching you anything. It's a black box. And they hold the power by not teaching you because the more you know, the more you realize you may not need their services, because most of them are doing very, very basic thing. 
  • Really think twice. And ask yourself some serious questions if you're hiring someone or outsourcing your current social media. If not, I hope you're successful in sourcing if you haven't, now's the time to start. 

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