Finding Time for Google Plus
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferFebruary 11, 2014
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Finding Time for Google Plus

Many businesses see the potential value in Google Plus but few are investing the time they need to results. Join Neal as he interviews Google Plus superstar Amanda Blain and fellow social media marketer Charise Strandberg to learn tips and tricks on how to cross the chasm and derive benefits from a Google Plus presence.

Key Highlights

[00:50] Introduction of Podcast Guests

[02:38] Finding Value in Google Plus

[04:26] Google Plus for Professional and Business Objectives

[05:22] How Amanda Started Finding Value in Google Plus

[07:43] Amanda's Recommendations on Using Google Plus

[08:40] Focus on Conversations on Google Plus

[09:38] Keep It Real

[10:57] Add Variety

[12:11] Jetpack Plugin

[13:38] Charise's Final Advice

[14:24] Amanda's Final Advice

Notable Quotes

  • It's crucial that they're on there and I think that their competitors are going to be if they're not. So brands need to be aware that they need to consider that a major network or they're going to be catching up later on.
  • But you need to start now you need to get in there, you need to start talking to other people need to start having discussions, and there's lots of room for growth on that side.
  • Even though I have obviously the largest audience on Google Plus, I still think it's important to maintain all of them, all of them serve a different purpose in some way or another, I use Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, everything. I's important to have that level of different platforms, because some people like things and work better in different ways.
  • You have to develop it in a conversation, join other communities that are involved in the topics that you're interested in. And that will take some time, it's not gonna happen overnight. Just like it doesn't happen overnight. When you're at a real life networking event. It takes time to develop relationships. And you have to do that on Google Plus to get the engagement that you want.
  • But I think that will come, I don't think I've seen it, you know, as long as they be consistent about it, and don't just give up and walk away. Like she said, it's, it's gonna come, but it's just finding out what works for them. And keeping a variety on there. Don't just keep putting the same stuff out there, you know, put some funny stuff, put some images, put some valuable information engaged, keep it a variety, and people will enjoy.
  • This is an opportunity to, you know, follow people in your niche and bring people in. So just keep an open mind. I would think and don't put your other networks, as we mentioned, I mean, I'm probably running 14, Foursquare Pinterest. Don't wear yourself out either, but don't be left behind.

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