Facebook Graph Search and Social Media in the Here & Now
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferJanuary 21, 2013
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Facebook Graph Search and Social Media in the Here & Now

Does Facebook Graph Search matter to your business in the here and now? A look at the importance of sticking to present technology in your social media strategy.

Key Highlights

[00:22] Social Media Here And Now

[01:30] The Facebook Graph Search

[01:43] How Facebook Graph Search Can Affect How We Use Facebook

[02:29] The 2 Things Facebook Graph Search Hinges On

[03:08] The Question On Data

[03:40] My Advice on Maximizing Social Media Presence

[04:49] Understanding The Need for a Historical Perspective

[05:39] Try To Avoid The Noise

Notable Quotes

  • From an inbound perspective, there is the potential that the more likes we have on our business page, from relevance consumers or potential clients, and the more engagement that we have from them, the higher that's our company, or more prominent that our company will appear and more search results.
  • On the other hand, from an outbound perspective, we can now use the search engine potentially, if it is implemented the way they say it will be to find out more information, more data about our competitors, about our fans.
  • If you want to show up in more search results, you need to have more fans, you need to be more engaging, and therefore you need to be doing what you should be doing on Facebook from day one. 
  • In other words, if you want to leverage the future of Facebook, you need to be leveraging the here and now. And instead of trying to predict the future, is there more that you could be maximizing about your social media presence in the here and now.
  • You stay the course until this new functionality comes out until you start to use it and really understand it, you see how others use it. And slowly, you will get a much better intuitive feel as to how you should be using it for your organization.
  • So all of this is a combination of doing implementing your social media in the here and now but also an understanding that there is a need for historical perspective to understand And what all these changes might mean when they get rolled out how they get rolled out, and how people end up using them.
  • So instead of being confused by everything that's out there, really try to avoid the noise and get back to the basics and stick to your social media strategy, which hopefully you have a written document if you read my top 10 tips to optimize your social media audit your social media strategy for 2013 blog post on women on networking.

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