Ello? What's all this talk about ELLO?
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferOctober 10, 2014
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Ello? What's all this talk about ELLO?

A first look at the newest social network Ello. Should you sign up? Spend much time there? Use it for your business? Listen to Neal's advice and gain some rational perspective on what value Ello might be able to provide you and your business.

Key Highlights

[01:15] New Social Network - ELLO

[02:07] Remain Holistic on Your Approach on Social Media

[02:45] What is ELLO?

[03:56] Experiment on ELLO!

[04:17] How ELLO Works

[06:15] Keep An Eye on ELLO

[06:58] One of the Cool Things About ELLO

[07:28] Another Thing You'll Notice on ELLO

Notable Quotes

  • While yes, it is growing in certain circles, we have to take a and remain you know holistic about our approach to social media.
  • And it really is going to depend to see what ello does in order to bring value to businesses who want to leverage it for marketing, even though ellos already said we are going to be an ad free network, which makes sense, I still think that they could offer, you know solutions for businesses.
  • There's a lot of artists, a lot of creative types that are on the platform. And it's it's a beautiful network, it's just another avenue to engage with people. 
  • So I think as a matter of experimentation, just to get familiar with the network, I don't think it can hurt to actually acquire an invites, which you will need, every user can only invite five people to the network.
  • It's no different than any other social network. But obviously, social media is about being where your audiences.
  • But I will say that it's refreshing to be on a network where there's no ads, and where people aren't, you know, where you can have natural conversations and meet new people. It's sort of like the early days, like I said, of any other social network. So you might be able to meet interesting people there. And it's an experimentation, who knows what will happen.
  • But until then, that is basically what ello is, and what it will become, nobody knows and no one can predict the future. And it really, you know, comes down to, you know, sticking to your guns, sticking to your social media strategy. But you know, keeping an eye on ELLO, and keeping an eye on sort of the leading people that are on our following a few and keeping an eye on the numbers as to how many followers they have.
  • Experiment with it, try to post something different once a day try to connect with people at a human level= and look at the impressions you're getting.

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