Does your social media branding back up your digital content?

Does your social media branding back up your digital content?

More companies are sharing more content in social media, but when a social media user has a conversation with your business, does your voice branding back up your content - and is it "human" enough to deepen online relationships?

Key Highlights

[00:52] The Notion of Having a Strong Corporate Brand

[02:21] Different Forms of Content

[03:30] You Need to Have A Conversation

[03:52] What Should Your Blog Be

[04:18] How You Engage with Your Audience Is Critical

[04:46] Be Open to Anybody

[05:19] The Dangerous Pitfall We Have

[05:41] Back-Up Your Content With Human Side

[06:49] The Best Test

Notable Quotes

  • And it's not just LinkedIn, but really the HR industry is talking about this notion of having a strong corporate brand, as an employer, which then will help you really recruit better talent potentially quicker. And at even a less expensive cost. 
  • But the notion of branding obviously, is popular, it's always been popular in marketing. And in social media, we hear a lot about it as well.
  • Nevertheless is another type of content companies can put out the best looking infographics possible, and attract a lot of people to their social media profiles, and even generate new leads and attract a lot of web site traffic just through the art of relevant content and relevant social media channels.
  • But at the end of the day, people do business with people that they like people buy products from companies that make them feel good. And there may come a point where you're providing all this content and social media. But then you need to have a conversation.
  • What you blog about shouldn't be written in web copy like text, but more of a social voice that is representative of your company's brand and social media.
  • But at the end of the day, it's the social media users that will determine the brand of companies, because they're only going to see limited things of what you post in social media channels, especially on a platform like Twitter, where you only have 140 characters, but even on Facebook, Google Plus what have you, companies aren't posting really long messages.
  • It's not only your choice of words that you use, but it's also on how you engage whether you engage with people that engage with you is one thing, but how you engage with them.
  • So you may want to be considered the thought leader in your industry, and you write the most compelling content. But when people engage with you or your company, they feel that there's a gap, because maybe you don't exhibit the same human skills that others would want to see in you. 
  • But you have to back up that content with the person with the human side with how you communicate with people in social media. It is the basic human skills. 

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