Digital Marketing Magic for Nonprofits - and For Profits [Beth Hammock Interview]
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferDecember 02, 2021
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Digital Marketing Magic for Nonprofits - and For Profits [Beth Hammock Interview]

I have always thought that businesses can learn a lot from successful nonprofit marketing. The idea is that if a nonprofit that is strapped for resources can connect with their community, you should be able to connect with your own.

This episode is all about nonprofit digital marketing, but in a similar vein, the advice here is applicable for all.

It is an honor to have my Digital First Mastermind Community member, and someone that I can now call a friend, Beth Hammock on today's episode. Beth is CEO of Hammock Communications and is an expert in both Nonprofit and Higher Education marketing, and I think you will genuinely enjoy her advice as well as our conversation.

Some of the digital marketing "magic" advice that Beth has includes:

  • Illusions: Social media strategy - influencers, awareness, acknowledgement, appeals
  • Sleight of hand: Google ad grants - getting them and using them. How tos and examples of success. 
  • Magician's choice: Video storytelling - how to accomplish this on a nonprofit budget

Key Highlights

[02:00] Introduction of Podcast Guest, Beth Hammock

[05:54] How Beth Got Into Nonprofits

[06:55] The Difference Between Educational Institution and Nonprofit

[08:15] The Core of Digital Marketing for Nonprofits

[14:30] Increasing Brand Awareness and Appeals

[15:52] How to Create Perfect Facebook Ads for Nonprofits?

[16:38] Are Social Media Platforms Effective for Nonprofits?

[18:51] The Ideal Google Ad for Nonprofits

[20:55] Successful Campaigns Stories from Google Ads

[21:44] The Concept of Nonprofit Membership

[23:00] Nonprofits Incentives and Businesses

[24:39] Leveraging Resources In Your Community

[28:00] Beth's Magicians Choice

[28:49] Accomplishing Video Storytelling for Nonprofits

[30:40] Services Offered By Beth

[31:45] Connect With Beth

Notable Quotes

  • So nonprofits, rely on grants, community business support, events, a lot of them, that's where they get their funding, but really, in the United States, a majority of funding comes from individuals. And if they can just get connected, that's the marketing piece, build brand awareness, engage people to start building those relationships.
  • I think you start with the core principles of marketing, which storytelling is the core. And you can tell stories if you don't have a lot of money.
  • So development communications, you want to show the impact of giving. To illustrate that has a little bit of content and a call to action of giving now.
  • I think that nonprofits can really improve though on their exclusivity is, especially the way that they message it, if you just would say one benefit, and shout it and it's something really good.

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