Debunking the Pinterest Myth
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferSeptember 09, 2014
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Debunking the Pinterest Myth

How can a B2B company find success in a social network like Pinterest? Find out how and learn some new tips, tricks, and concepts to help you Maximize Your Social in this episode.

Key Highlights

[01:11] What is Pinterest Myth?

[01:27] Why Pinterest?

[05:35] Pinterest Statistics

[06:51] What I Like About The New Pinterest Analytics

[08:34] Looking at Demographics

[11:25] Top 6 Interests of Females in Pinterest

[12:40] Other Pinterest Analytics Feature

[15:43] Social Media Marketing World

Notable Quotes

  • So you know, when we talk about social media, one of the things is yes, we want to engage with people, we want to engage with influencers, we want to engage with brand advocates, with potential customers in social media. But we also want to bring them back to our website.
  • And it's really bringing all this together in your mind or on a dashboard, thinking holistically as to where am I going to invest my time and I do this on a weekly basis, right?
  • Businesses, do business with other businesses, but it's really people inside those businesses doing business with people inside the other business, right.
  • So if you think about it that way, Pinterest, regardless of the demographic or what people post a lot of is very you know, relevant to I think every business out there.
  • So that was really an aha moment that there are enough people interested in social media for what I do to be able to generate interest
  • It sounds like a lot of work, it doesn't have to be you need to come down, you need to create a routine out of all this, and pick and choose the data that you're going to use, and pick and choose how you use it and make a process out of it.

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