Customer Experience Marketing: Why You Must Embrace It to Stand Out as a Business [Dan Gingiss Interview]
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferMarch 14, 2019
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Customer Experience Marketing: Why You Must Embrace It to Stand Out as a Business [Dan Gingiss Interview]

Customer experience marketing. It's a buzzword that a lot of people throw out, but what exactly does it mean, how important is it to you business today, and what are the first steps you can take to implementing customer experience marketing the right way?

I could not think of a better person than friend and customer experience marketing expert Dan Gingiss to have on my podcast to answer these questions and more for my listeners.

As Dan explains, customer experience marketing is a vital aspect to both your online and offline business. It also could be the one defining thing that can differentiate your brand from your competitors. 

Dan takes us through the correct way to implement customer experience marketing. Listen in and read the show notes below to learn more.

Key Highlights

[00:44] Introduction of Podcast Guest, Dan Gingiss

[04:09] What Dan Realized About Social Marketing

[08:03] Defining Customer Experience

[08:44] 2 Keys of Customer Support

[10:57] Why Customer Experience Is Getting A Buzz Just Now?

[13:00] Customer Experience As The True Differentiator For Brands

[13:21] You Need To Compete With Experience

[13:39] Example Of A Company That Provides Great Customer Experience

[16:33] Creating Emotional Attachment With Your Customers

[17:16] Customer Experience Audit

[22:21] Dan's Advice To Companies

[25:01] Connect With Dan

Notable Quotes

  • By spending time focusing on providing remarkable experiences, you can get more people talking positively about your brand and start drowning out some of that negativity.
  • The way that I define customer experience is that it is how people feel about every single interaction they have with a brand.
  • One of the things that I love to say is that I believe today, there's no such thing as an offline customer experience. Because even things that we used to consider being offline, like say, being on an airplane, well, the guy that was dragged off the airplane, showed us that not everything on an airplane is offline anymore, right? Because it can come online in an instant.
  • I believe that customer experience is going to become the last true differentiator for brands.
  • When companies treat their customers well, customers don't mind as much, they don't pay as much attention to a sale down the road that you know, is going to get them a 10% discount to what you're charging them, because they know that you're going to take better care of them.
  • Creating that emotional attachment is, is probably going to be a great way to generate a positive customer experience.
  • I'm talking about actually becoming a customer and actually going through the process of whatever it is that your company offers to customers.
  • The harder thing is creating unique, remarkable new experiences. Differentiation, that is gonna make people talk about your brand versus another one's, that's tough, that takes a long time, and usually many years to establish. But getting rid of existing pain points is easy. 

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