Creatures of Habit and The Business of Social Media
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferOctober 01, 2014
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Creatures of Habit and The Business of Social Media

How should small businesses approach an investment in social media? Learn how a social media consultant views how small business should consider what business value they should derive from social - and how to better manage their expectations vis a vis budget spend on social.

 Key Highlights

[00:49] The Power of Habit

[01:31] The Concept of Unplugged

[05:01] The Challenge with Social Media

[06:06] My Approach

[06:16] A Role of Social Media Consultant

[09:15] Things I Have Struggled With As Social Media Consultant

[09:57] The Fear I Have As Social Media Consultant

Notable Quotes

  • And obviously, for those listening to the podcast, we know that that is not the world of social in order to be successful. It takes time to, obviously, create relationships develop relationships as a whole content side. And above and beyond that there's sort of a brand new inside that this doctor or this small business has their own culture, their own brand, their own differentiators in the marketplace.
  • So my approach has always been company's needs strategy and education. 
  • Let's have an onboarding process so I can train your company. And let's keep an ongoing relationship as a social media adviser. That is basically the role that a social media consultant should play because we are consultative. 
  • I just think that there's an incredible amount of time that goes into crafting a voice crafting content, curating content, engaging, that's a few $100 a month, unless you price yourself very, very inexpensively just would not allow me to do the best job that I could.
  • So this is something that I present to you in the spirit of being unplugged, and a really opening up my mind to you and the things that I have struggled with as a social media consultant.
  • But then, at the end of the day They said, well, what's the ROI of doing this? And that's sort of the fear I have for a lot of people that do this sort of job as well, as companies that, you know, put money into an effort that really isn't appropriate for getting business value out of a social media presence.

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