COVID-19: What Your Business Needs to Do to Survive During the Coronavirus Pandemic
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferApril 01, 2020
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COVID-19: What Your Business Needs to Do to Survive During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Today's episode is a special edition broadcast because so many clients and others have asked what our businesses should do in the midst of the current coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. I want to offer my own perspectives not because I am an expert per se in managing pandemics (I don't know of any marketers who are!), but because you need to listen to a lot of different perspectives to navigate the best path forward, and I want to be one of the voices that you tune into. It is this same concept that I bring up as advice in this episode. Stay positive and stay safe!

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Key Highlights

[02:07] My Advice On How COVID19 Affect Marketing

[04:17] Stay Positive

[04:50] Pivot After A Crisis

[06:40] Now Is The Best Time To Induce Digital Products and Services

[07:56] Marketing Always Needs Pivoting

[09:44] Bids For Ads

[10:22] Strengthening Marketing Infrastructure

Notable Quotes

  • The most important advice I can give you is that nobody is an expert on this and nobody knows. This is brand new.
  • I do think that if we want to control this, that is really the only thing we can control. And understand that whenever we go outside and interact with someone or get close to someone, we are just increasing the risk that we or our loved ones are going to get that disease with every social instance.
  • We can control our positivity. And when we're positive, we see opportunities that we're not going to see if we're negative. So that being said, when we get through this, things will be different.
  • So if you don't have a digital product or service, now is a great time to create one, your revenue may be going way down, get that digital product or service up as soon as possible.
  • It's another pivot that you need to do. But you need to look for opportunities to serve your audience and help them.
  • If you can ship product or if you do have digital products and services, this might be an opportunity so long as you can tap into the needs and serve your audience and what they're going through right now.
  • You need to continue to show up for your audience.
  • There's no easy way forward, we cannot control what we cannot control, we can control what we can control. 

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