Content Marketing vs. Inbound Marketing: The Winner? CONTENT!

Content Marketing vs. Inbound Marketing: The Winner? CONTENT!

Move beyond the semantic differences of content marketing and inbound marketing and learn about the central role that content will play in your social media marketing.

Key Highlights

[00:27] The Role of Content In Social Media Marketing

[02:19] Forms of Content

[03:37] Content Vs Inbound Marketing

[04:08] Content As One of Key Drivers

[04:28] The Best Way to Be Effective in Social Media Marketing

[05:09] My View in Content

[06:06] Always Provide Information to Your Customers

Notable Quotes

  • But visa vie social media, social media was made for people. So as brands, as companies, as institutions and organizations, you need to have conversations with people don't you. And depending on what your objective is, or obviously what your target demographic is, who the stakeholders are out there in the public content is one way in which you engage.
  • And while some of that content may be directly related to your products and services in your company, sometimes that content is curated from third party sources. Sometimes that content is just for the sake of engagement. And through engagement, we increase our EdgeRank we deepen our relationship with the community and our followers, what have you. So content is really used across a lot of different levels and social media and content marketing. 
  • Although it has the word marketing behind it is really the use of content to help your customers and potential customers from you know, every single way through the marketing funnel, from, you know, creating awareness for your company, all the way to providing content as a service to your current customers to help support them. 
  • From my perspective, you know, content is sort of one of the key drivers of what businesses do and social media, because that's how you engage. That's how you share. That's how you communicate in one way or another through content. 
  • Whether you want to use content marketing, whether you want to use inbound marketing, just knowing that the use of content is going to be critical to your social media marketing, which is another reason why the best way to be effective in social media marketing is to be able to provide that content in house.
  • From a b2b perspective, that buyers prospective buyers base their decisions on information.
  • And that content, that resource for information that I could provide them whether it was based on my own company's new products or services, how our clients were using them or industry information. That was the key to my engagement with that customer and building a deeper relationship, which at the end of the day lead to more trust, and more business for me and my company. 

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