Are You Taking Pinterest Seriously?
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferAugust 06, 2013
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Are You Taking Pinterest Seriously?

Learn about Neal Schaffer's Pinterest experiment - and the data which backs up why you shouldn't be ignoring Pinterest anymore.

Key Highlights

[00:49] Why Pinterest Is A Fascinating Network

[02:41] What Fascinates Me About Pinterest

[04:33] Pinterest Statistics

[05:58] The Quality Traffic You Can Get From Pinterest

[06:52] What I Ended Up Doing In Pinterest

[07:29] Creating Pinterest Boards

[08:18] Pinterest As A Social Bookmarking Site

[08:59] How Can You Begin Using Pinterest

[10:23] One Thing I Did After Creating Pinterest Board

Notable Quotes

  • Pinterest is a fascinating social network because it is a relatively small social network.
  • But Pinterest is something that demands our attention. And it's not just the website traffic that a generates. It's also a demographic that we know has been documented is primarily female.
  • And I sort of want to share that experiment with you all to get you thinking outside of the box about Pinterest, because we all know, and I've talked about this many times that social networks evolve, and the people who use them and how we use them is always changing and the same as Pinterest.
  • But the other thing is, it's generating a lot of website traffic, but it's the quality of the traffic that people that are going from Pinterest to another site.
  • So Pinterest originally and one of the reasons why StumbleUpon I believe has sort of decreased in popularity is that Pinterest at the heart of it. It's a social bookmarking site. It's a social bookmarking site for visuals that you know what Pinterest is, it's that pin board visuals that you see on the internet that you want to pin to a virtual board.
  • So you begin to see that there are different ways of using it. And at a minimum if you as an experiment, if you're not a Pinterest user, I recommend you take a look at some of those boards I've created and consider you need to use it yourself to get it right.
  • And at the end of the day, for businesses that want to generate traffic from Pinterest, you need to have pinnable images on your own website.
  • There's a lot of buzz and everybody likes to look at the new shiny thing and what have you. But I think at this point, with that data showing just the the incredible referral traffic that Pinterest is generating, it behooves me if you're not thinking about how to use Pinterest as part of your social media marketing, if you haven't been already, I'm hoping that this podcast sparks some ideas.

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