9 Concepts to Raise Your Social Media Marketing to the Next Level
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferDecember 04, 2014
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9 Concepts to Raise Your Social Media Marketing to the Next Level

Neal gives a preview of his upcoming one day workshop in Bucharest, Romania by focusing in on those advanced social media marketing concepts that you need to dive into to help you raise your social media to the next level.

Key Highlights

[02:23] One Day Social Media Event in Bucharest, Romania

[03:27] How I Help Businesses Get to the Next Level

[04:02] Elementary Workshop

[05:38] It All Starts With the Content

[06:00] Your Content Should Always Be Aligned With Your Brand Objective, Identity, and Culture

[06:15] Think About Your Social Voice

[07:21] Social SEO

[07:56] Ways to Use Paid Social

[08:49] Experimental Social

[09:17] Revamp Your Social Media Strategy

[09:57] Analyze Your Social

[10:22] Importance of Having Baseline Metrics

[11:30] Social Selling

[12:33] Expanding Social Media Through Advocacy

[12:46] 3 Big Ways of Looking at Advocacy

[13:27] Talking About Employee Advocacy

Notable Quotes

  • That's, you know, social media at the beginning of its evolution is just something that you do because everyone else is doing it. And there's still a lot of companies in United States, probably majority of companies that are still doing this without a strategy, just throwing things up, not really measuring or maybe measuring the wrong things. And really not knowing how well they're doing what they could be doing better, or what is their ROI.
  • If you do a deep dive analysis of each one of these for your business, and I think each one requires a deep dive to better understand it and understand the potential, you'll get a better idea as to how you can help bring your own social media to the next level.
  • I always talk about social media being the convergence of information communication, what is the content? Is the content represent your brand? Better yet? Does the content represent your objective? And often we find we begin social media programs with content that aligns with our objectives. And somehow over time, that content gets misaligned. 
  • And when we talk about tone, we don't talk about font or font size, or font style. When we talk about visual, we start to talk about these things and colors and what types of subjects are going to best resonate with your target audience and be best aligned with your content, your objective, obviously, this is no easy thing to do. 
  • This is something that we should all be working towards. And the only way to find out about this is really through experimenting, to understand what works and what doesn't work. But we should always not just be throwing content out there, but seeing how we can appear more prominently how we can be seen by more people organically.
  •  Are we including experiments? And I consider campaigns really a type of experiment on a specific or a group of social networks to test out certain types of content or engaging with a certain target audience. And are we doing enough of this? Because if we're not, we're never really going to be able to best optimize our social media presence.

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