5 Ways to Get Free Backlinks and Boost Your SEO [Sam Dunning Interview]
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferOctober 10, 2022
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5 Ways to Get Free Backlinks and Boost Your SEO [Sam Dunning Interview]

Search engine discoverability is as important today as it has always been. SEO requires you to have resourceful and helpful content as we all know from Google's recent updates, but assuming we already have lots of great content, how can we move up the search engine rankings?

While there are lots of things you can do, generating relevant backlinks to your website might be the most powerful option.

In this special interview with digital marketing expert Sam Dunning, we discuss 5 different ways for which you can begin to start getting free backlinks for your website TODAY!

Key Highlights

[03:19] Introduction of Podcast Guest, Sam Dunning

[07:35] How Sam Started In SEO Industry

[09:32] Google's Content Update

[12:40] The Importance of Backlinks

[14:32] 5 Ways to Get Free Backlinks

[20:40] The Skyscraper Technique With Outreach

[23:15] Recommended Tools for Outreach

[29:07] Sam's Favorite Approach

[29:31] Connect With Sam

Notable Quotes

  • A big part of it is understanding what your customers care about, which is kind of marketing 101, talking to your target customers, talking to your ideal clients, understanding their problems, their pain points, their goals, their ambitions, and then working that into the copy. So as long as you're doing those basics, you should be fine. 
  • Make sure when you go on a show, you can literally give genuine, actionable helpful tips that you know are going to be useful rather than talking about yourself because no one wants to hear that.
  • What Google wants businesses to do really, basically stick in your lane. And if you create great human content that is useful, you'll be rewarded.
  • Sometimes great content can just rank doesn't always happen. But it can, well, people can find it, and then they can start linking to it. But what you can find is there might be a snowball effect. So you might produce this awesome page that does all those best practices we've talked about, then you might have to reach out to quite a few companies that are relevant, and then one or two of those might offer you a link. And you might have to give them a sweetener in return. But then from that little boost that you've got from those links, other companies might start seeing it, maybe you've got some unique data, stash some unique data and other people start linking to it. So it builds up like a snowball effect. 
  • Think of companies that complement your industry, but aren't direct competitors.

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