5 Easy Steps to Get Started Podcasting This Year
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferJanuary 15, 2014
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5 Easy Steps to Get Started Podcasting This Year

I recently had a chat with fellow social media marketing professionals Debbie Miller and Albert Qian, both of whom want to get started podcasting. Listen to my advice, given while enjoying a bowl of ramen in the food court of a local Japanese supermarket!

Key Highlights

[00:29] Introduction of Podcast Guests

[02:17] Podcast Guest #1: Albert Qian

[03:16] Podcast Guest #2: Debbie Miller

[04:02] Why Albert and Debbie Decide to Podcast Rather than Video Blog?

[06:07] How to Get Started on Podcast: Equipment

[07:39] Where Did I Start Doing Podcast

[08:46] The Challenge I Had in Podcasting

[09:03] Working on My Intro and Outro

[11:34] How I Upload My Podcast

[12:48] Promoting the Podcast

[13:49] One of the Downsides of Sony IC Recorder

Notable Quotes

  • So you know, I'm interested in podcasting, because I think it's another great avenue to reach my audience and you know, build more content. And a lot of people don't like to read these days, they'd rather listen. And so I want to give my future audiences here and the ability to consume what I have to say in a different way.
  • For me, podcasting, at least recording my voice into a microphone is a lot quicker.
  • You don't need some high powered device to do it. Now. There's a lot of podcasters who invest money, they have their own, you know, environment and, and that's all awesome, but I think that intimidates a lot of people. And to get started, I'd say you can even use your iPhone, you don't even need to invest in anything more right.
  • So I think having someone like that it requires a monthly expenses, not a lot of money, but it requires someone's time. That's the approach it I don't have the time, I just want to concentrate on the content. 
  • And I also realized that if I'm going to have people subscribe to my podcast, I need something exclusive that my other networks don't have.
  • I'm trying to maybe blog about my podcast and maximize your social, but really stick to the podcast content. But then when I went broader thought leadership type of content, that's where I blog on maximize social business. 

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