100-Year Old Digital Marketing Advice
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferNovember 22, 2023
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100-Year Old Digital Marketing Advice

What if I told you that a 1923 publication could hold the secret to your success in modern digital marketing? Today's episode opens a time capsule, dusting off the wisdom from Claude C Hopkins' "Scientific Advertising." Here, I marvel at Hopkins' foresight in scientifically measuring the effectiveness of newspaper ads and coupons - a century ago! I draw parallels to today's digital marketing landscape and underscore the importance of relentless testing and measurement in your marketing strategies.

Next, I dive into the realm of psychology and its connection to marketing - a concept as old as advertising itself. In a world increasingly centered around personal connection, I explore the power of curiosity, the perception of price, and the role of personal branding. I also examine the importance of user-generated content, decoding the age-old understanding of human nature and its efficacy in designing marketing strategies. I'll share insights on using lead magnets effectively and the potency of giving samples to lure prospects.

Finally, I delve into the significance of data and visuals in advertising. I unravel the strategic use of data, reminding you that specific facts and numbers are more persuasive than vague promises. I also stress the visual aspects of your ads, guiding you on selecting the right images to resonate with your audience. As I navigate through these timeless principles, I emphasize a culture of continuous testing and experimentation in marketing. So, tune in, learn from history, and let's elevate your digital marketing strategies together.

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